Mommy's Escape Giveaway - Win a Keurig and a Kindle Fire (10/05)

Mommy’s Escape Giveaway – Win a Keurig and a Kindle Fire (10/05)

Giveaway ended.

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  1. Bethany Fields says

    I’d really like to read “Seduction and Snacks”!

  2. I’m really looking forward to reading “The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection” to find out what Maa Ramotswe and Mr. JLB Matekoni have been up to lately!

  3. Jennifer (Jen) Boehme says

    At this point any book will be nice with my coffee, and I have lots here to get started!

  4. Debra Wagner says

    Favorite author is Dean R Koontz he keeps me on the edge of my seat! favorite character Alice from Alice in Wonderland..because of her adventure! My favorite coffe shoppe is Dutch Bros. however we do not have one here in Missouri 🙁

  5. Debra Wagner says

    We dont have a Dutch Bros. here so i go to Starbucks instead

  6. I have numerous favorite authors. I am always reading something! One of my favorites is Kurt Vonnegut Jr. He definitely marches to the beat of his own drum and has an amazing imagination. I also love how he carries some of his characters and places through multiple novels even though the stories are not connected.

  7. I’m not a fan of the main coffee shops. I like to find mom and pop shops and try them out. Out of all my travels I have to say that Out of the Horse’s Mouth in a small east Texas town has been my fav.

  8. Debra Wagner says

    I also love Stephen King!! His books are sometimes bizarre, but I get it!

  9. Mitch Albom is my favorite author. His books are short and sweet, yet have so much meaning. He’s also just a really great person who does a lot for the local community in Detroit, and worldwide. He’s a very inspiring person.

  10. Debra Wagner says

    I also love Jopseph Peretti.

  11. Debra Wagner says

    Like Suzanne Collins also!

  12. Starbucks is my favorite

  13. Debra Wagner says

    I also like CS Lewis

  14. My favorite character is Dr. Kay Scarpetta from the Patricia Cornwell books.

  15. Debra Givens-Wagner says

    Haha I meant Frank Peretti and Joseph Wambaugh

  16. Another one of my favorite authors is Michael Crichton. I always get so caught up in his books. He makes everything seem so real and possible.

  17. Another of my favorite authors is Greg Iles

  18. Another of my favorite authors is Patricia Cornwell. I’ve always loved forensics, and I love that the main character in her books is a strong female.

  19. Debra Givens-Wagner says

    I loved the hunger games girl
    on fire Katniss

  20. Another of my favorite authors is Stieg Larsson. His Millennium Trilogy are probably three of the best books I have ever read. It’s so sad that he died before writing anything else.

  21. Favorite Coffee Shop — Local house — O’Henry’s.

  22. There’s a small coffee shop near my house called Tuscan Cafe that I like. It’s nice to walk there in the morning.

  23. fav coffee shop is starbucks

  24. Debra Wagner says

    I also love Frank Baum

  25. Stephen King is another author I like a lot

  26. Debra Givens-Wagner says

    when it comes to reading to the little ones it doesnt matter who the author is or even what book
    …just spending time with them together reading is the best!

  27. Biggby’s Coffee is really good.

  28. David ODonnell says

    My favorite coffee shop is my local gas station in town. Always has great variety at great prices

  29. Dutch Bros of course!

  30. starbucks is my favorite

  31. Mary McCloy says

    My favorite coffee shop is none other than Starbucks 🙂

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