I Survived a Mammogram Unscathed (But Not Unsqueezed) #YearTil40

I Survived a Mammogram Unscathed (But Not Unsqueezed) #YearTil40

I survived a Mammogram unscathed (but not unsqueezed)  #YearTil40

I never planned to have a mammogram. You see, when I was in my twenties I was convinced that by the time I was 40 a new form of technology would emerge that would make the squeeze machines obsolete. Maybe there would be flying cars by then, too. But here I am today still driving my earth-bound car and writing about mammograms.

I recently went to the doctor complaining about some pains in my breast and after she checked me out she said she did not notice anything unusual, but since my breasts are dense and since I am nearly 40 (!), I should go ahead and get a mammogram. Oh joy. Let the squeezing begin!

After doing a dog and pony dance with the insurance company to make sure my not-yet-40 mammogram was covered, I went down to a woman’s imaging center and checked myself in at the desk. I was a little nervous but the receptionist made me feel comfortable and told me it wasn’t that bad.  But hey, I thought, she gets paid to say that! After another nice woman called my name, I was led back into an area that looked just like a spa dressing room. That’s me in the pic above standing in my room’s doorway. After locking my things in the cabinet and putting on a plush robe, I waited. I overheard a woman getting led into anther room because she had a suspicious mammogram. Good gracious, I thought. Is it possible I could have a biopsy today like that woman? Please God, let everything be okay!

When my turn came, I was led into a room where a fantastic and appropriately funny mammography tech greeted me. She led me though all the various positions and compressions and you know what? It wasn’t that bad. Sure, it was a little uncomfortable once or twice, but that only lasted a a second. The most uncomfortable part of the entire experience was putting on a slightly too-tight thyroid guard (which I opted for due to my already slow thyroid). The best part was that in the time it took me to get dressed and gather my things, the results of my diagnostic mammogram results were already in and I was in the clear!

So, I have to admit that I was wrong.  A mammogram isn’t too bad at all…much better than an annual well-woman check if you know what I mean. I am lucky enough to live near great facilities with modern equipment so maybe you won’t get a spa-like room or quick results. Nevertheless, be sure to get your mammogram when the time comes. Early detection saves lives!

Mammogram information (cancer.org)

Get your mammogram!

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  1. I had my first one when I was 35 because I have a family history. I was surprised at how easy it was.

  2. So glad everything worked out for you and that it wasn’t as bad as you thought it might be. Still doesn’t sound all that appealing, lol. But necessary nonetheless. Thanks so much for sharing your personal experience!

  3. When a blogger friend was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, I immediately scheduled my long-overdue mammogram. I’m 44 and have been putting it off for years. Had it done and realized it wasn’t painful, wasn’t difficult and shouldn’t have been put off.

  4. Yes, It is not what people say! It was not at all paintful and didnt take long! No reason to put it off at all, even if you dont have insurance there are places that will do it for free!

  5. Good for you for going and sharing this!! I think there is so many conflicting information about mammograms on the internet.

  6. I know it sounds scary but I agree it’s better to have them done.

  7. I agree with you, although I have always been so scared. Especially since I am small chested. I love the poster though, and it is very important to do.

  8. I’ve heard that before, that it’s not as bad as people say. but maybe it depends on tolerance level and tenderness when going in. Great message – get checked!

  9. I haven’t had to have one yet but I’m sure I probably will soon. Hopefully mine will be easy!

  10. Michelle says

    Happy to hear everything worked out for you. I have not had one yet.

  11. This is such an important topic and I am so glad things went well. I haven’t had one yet as I am not of age but I am very interested in all of the recent and ongoing discussion. Sometime you hear differing information.

  12. I turned 40 last Sept. I know I know it’s my time to get one, thankfully I am still nursing my baby and I have a little time left – I am SO dreading this!

  13. Mammograms are still no fun, but they’re definitely not as bad as what I was expecting before I had my first one.

  14. Amy Desrosiers says

    Thanks for the confidence! God willing, I wont need one for another 10 years though!

  15. Woo hoo… I still have a ways to go but am already dreading it. I feel myself often and go in for yearlies…

  16. I’m glad to hear all went well and that you have such a great facility. we are still in the stone age where the techs are males and I”m not a fan of that. I’d be much more comfortable with all female staff.

  17. I’m definitely glad to hear that it went well for you and you had a good experience for your first mammogram! It’s always nice when you have good people leading you through 🙂

  18. This is so important! I had a friend who passed out in the machine once… OUCH! But even she says she would rather get one done than put it off!

  19. I’m glad you’re in the clear. Thank God for tests! (Though uncomfortable!!)

  20. Oh wow, I haven’t had one yet!!! One doctor told me to have my first at 35, another one said 40. :/ I will be 36, so it’s coming soon.

  21. I think I was expecting the absolute worst when I went for my first one. It’s totally uncomfortable but it’s pretty momentary and I’d rather be squished for a minute than not see something that should have been seen!

  22. Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m in the Phoenix area, and I’ve heard good things about Solis Mammography. Is that where you went?