Lilla Rose Flexi Pin Review - Help a Family Adopt!

Lilla Rose Flexi Pin Review – Help a Family Adopt!

Flexi Clip

Someone I love is struggling with infertility and it is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. When I heard that a couple named Jasmine and Luke were dealing with this issue and that Jasmine was selling Lilla Rose products to help raise money to adopt a child ($20,000 goal) I got right on board.

Jasmine sent me a Lilla Rose Flexi Clip. It is a unique and beautiful product that actually held my hair in place. These clips come in seven sizes depending on your hair and the style you wish to wear. Check out the sizing guide here. The clip in the pictures below is a small. In order for you to love your clip, you must order the right size, so be sure to check out the sizing guide before ordering!

flexi clip

The Flexi Clip is an awesome product and I encourage you to order one (or more). See the end of this post for details on how to get free shipping. If you are already a Lilla Rose customer or plan to order from them then I encourage you to use Jasmine’s consultant link to help her raise money toward adoption fees. If you would like to donate money to her cause, go over to her adoption blog and donate there.



This post originally included a giveaway. To see the winners go to the, winner’s page.

 Disclaimer: I received a sample product in order to do this review. All opinions are mine.


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  1. Oooh they look pretty. I wonder if they would hold my slick hair, almost nothing does. Will be checking out the site!

  2. ronda peyton says

    Princess Tiara Dangle is my fave

  3. Debra Wagner says

    Wow good luck to that family! Wish I could help them! The hair pin is so devine!

  4. Pamela Wells says

    I love the medium sized diamond center with dangles and the fancy blossom dangle. I heard that there is a skull one, but I could not find it. Would have LOVED to look at that one!!!

  5. elven johnson says

    2-0748 Celtic Knot med. Flexi
    HS-1476 Silver Ball with Stars hair sticks

  6. I really want to try one of the larger size flexi clips!!!

  7. Jessica Rose says

    Would love to try
    3-1888 Enchanting Copper Rose

  8. jennifer barr says

    I would love to try either the dragonfly 6-0353 or skull 3-1453.

  9. Debra Wagner says

    I love the hair sticks and the bobbies!!

  10. the crown of hearts flexi clip is so pretty

  11. susan varney says

    i like the orings

  12. I like the HS-1494 Silver Daisy

  13. tam childers says

    like the 3-1888 Enchanting Copper Rose

  14. Michelle W says

    I love the 3-0422 Silver etched lily

  15. I want to try the O-Rings

  16. I love the Roman Stone Sapphire clip.

  17. I like the antique style you-pin

  18. I love the multicolor in mini.

  19. Love the hair sticks

  20. Brittney House says

    I like the large size flexi clips

  21. Jennifer Barata Allen says

    I would like to try the medium flexi clip in 2-2092 Classic Etched Cross

  22. I like the small and large flexi clips. I would have to get both sizes for my girls becasue one has really thick hair and the other has thin hair but I like just about all of them. It would be tough to pick just one!

  23. Claudia Ellis says

    I would love to try the beaded headbands, those are just gorgeous!

  24. Claudia Ellis says

    I visited and commented on the adoption blog!

  25. Claudia Ellis says

    I subscribed to Lilla Rose’s emails

  26. The Flexi Clip and Flexi O-Rings are my favorite, as my hair always slips out of traditional ponytail holders. I’m so happy I found this today!

  27. Love the extra-small Simple Band Sunflower Beads [6-1371].

  28. I think the Medium 2-1879 Eternal Infinity Motif Flexi is gorgeous!

  29. Christina S says

    The hair clips !

  30. I can’t wait to try the medium Flexi Clip Celtic Knot Brown. Item # 2-1813

  31. ronda peyton says

    i love the Princess Tiara Dangle

  32. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    I like the flexi clip

  33. kelly goss says

    i love the scroll heart mini.

  34. kelly goss says

    i did like lila rose jasmine bass on FB, but it wouldn’t let me submit the entry.

  35. Silver celtic cross.

  36. Lucy Schwartz says

    I think the Flexi clip is genuinely like a piece of jewelry. the designs are artful. I especially like the Celtic designs.

  37. kathy pease says

    i like the 2-0844 Celtic Knot Gold

  38. Ann Council says

    I like the Treasures of the Sea. Gorgeous!!

  39. kayla hyde says

    I think the earrings look really pretty!

  40. Jennifer Peaslee says

    I like the Princess Tiarra Dangle…so cute!

  41. susan smoaks says

    i would like the Roman Stone Sapphire Clip

  42. Really pretty and I would wear this in my hair.

  43. This piece I would really wear n my hair. Its really beautiful.

  44. Sherry Walker says

    I would like to try an O ring

  45. Charlene Kuser says

    I would like to try the 3-1787 Contemporary Flower

  46. Amanda Travis says

    Roman stone sapphire clip

  47. I love my Flexi Clip!

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  48. Buddy Garrett says

    I would love to try the
    Lovely Circle Stone-set Bobby Pins.

  49. I like the Classic Etched Cross clip.

    • This arlctie went ahead and made my day.

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  50. ralphandtara says

    The parade of color hair band!

  51. I really like the 3-0422 Silver etched lily 🙂
    This is also a cause that is very near & dear to my own heart, as we have adoption very close in our family & I am very supportive of every effort to try to help loving couples (or singles 🙂 bring a sweet child home to lavish with love! Last year, I donated a few items from my children’s clothing line (I am a designer/seamstress)to a fundraiser for the Dave Thomas Adoption Foundation 🙂

  52. I’d really like to try these clips as I have fine hair and regular clips always fall out

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