When Reading is Hard: Lexercise Professional Therapy Review

When Reading is Hard: Lexercise Professional Therapy Review

Lexercise guarantees your child will improve one grade level in reading after just 8 weeks. Find out what happened when I took them up on that challenge.

One of the most difficult experiences I have had as a parent is watching my child struggle in school, despite being highly intelligent. Maybe you can relate? You have a smart kid who just can’t seem to translate his or her knowledge into written form and has difficulty reading. You try everything in your limited bag of tricks to no avail. You wonder if maybe your child has dyslexia, but the testing is not covered by most insurance plans and costs thousands. At a recent parent teacher conference, some of my child’s teachers suggested the possibility of dyslexia and directed me to the Lexercise website. Before I share our Lexercise experience, check out these important links. Also, keep reading for a special discount for Celebrating Family readers.

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Dyslexia Screener

Learning Disabilities Test

General Dyslexia Treatment Page

Professional Therapy Page

Basic Therapy Page

We started our Lexercise experience by taking the dyslexia screener linked to above. It was a pretty simple process. After receiving my child’s results, we spoke with a Lexercise therapist. I was intrigued by the program and offered to take the eight-week challenge in exchange for an honest review on this site, hoping to be able to share a high quality tool with my readers.

My child was matched with a literacy therapist, or as she referred to herself, a learning coach. My child would spend 45 minutes with the learning coach for the next eight weeks. That experience was supplemented by online games and short learning tasks done five times a week. I stayed in the room, but off camera (as required by the therapist) and took notes and watched the session. I was completely fascinated with the process. As an early and advanced reader, I was never taught all the terms, tricks, and ideas the therapists guided my child through, which made it hard for me to know how to help.

After just a few meetings, I began to see changes in the way my child read aloud and spell, and I saw an increase in my child’s confidence level. My child enjoyed the games, even though they were educational, and looked forward to the time spent with the learning coach. As the eight weeks drew to a close, I eagerly awaited the results of the second screening to measure if my child had advanced any grade levels. The assessment showed that my child had gained just over two full grade levels in reading. I was impressed, but not completely surprised. The methods used by the Lexercise therapist, a Certified Academic Language Therapist, were completely different from anything I had tried in the past. She explained that she was helping my child fill in the missing pieces and retrain the brain to organize learning. I do not want to give away any of the Lexercise proprietary methods, but I will say that the therapist helped my child approach difficult and unfamiliar words in a totally new way. She shared the types of syllables and vowels, taught word attack skills, and above all, made my child feel smart for once. She also introduced me to something called Executive Function Disorder, which literally changed how I parent.

Try Lexercise

I would love for you to have the same wonderful experience we had. The usual price for Lexercsie is $113.00 per week, which includes a weekly one-to-one session over a teleconferencing platform, and a tailored practice plan for the student and parent to engage in for the remainder of the week. Lexercise offers an 8-week guarantee where they guarantee that your child will increase by at least one year’s worth of skills as measured by an accuracy scale in the Lexile leveling system. If your child does not progress, your next 4 weeks are free. Celebrating Family readers get a discount down to $98.00 per week, or approximately $395.00 per month, and if you have a flexible health spending account, you can use those funds to cover the cost of dyslexia services. You DO NOT need a dyslexia diagnosis to use Lexercise. 

Use the links above to complete the screeners. If you sign up for Lexercise sessions, you can get the discounted rate by contacting Jen Parra at (469) 223-8244 or jen@dyslexiasite.com and telling her you read about Lexercise on Celebrating Family.

If your child is struggling, don’t delay in getting help.

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  1. I simply cannot thank you all enough for your amazing program. Had it not been for you, my daughter would most likely still be crying in frustration as she desperately tried to read. It was horrible to watch as a parent…I felt so helpless. Now, seeing her read effortlessly is such a relief. Thank you all for the amazing work you do.I was also very impressed with how quickly she improved.

  2. Wow what an amazing post, this was genuinely interesting to me and useful also. You always share great stuff and we hope to see more posts from you soon.

  3. Nice content and seems a helpful and interesting program that every parents should follow through.

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