Leap! (Movie Review)

Leap! (Movie Review)

Leap! (Movie Review)

Félicie dreams of going to Paris and to become a famous dancer. Her best friend Victor wants to become a respected and famous inventor. Together, they take a leap of faith, running away from their orphanage to chase their dreams. However, they soon find that dreams require work, and maybe a little luck.

Leap! is a fun, family-friendly movie that lets you root for the underdog, laugh out loud, and learn a lesson. Leap! is not going to become an animated classic, but it will make for an enjoyable and lighthearted family outing. The movie also has several teachable moments and talking points that parents can discus with their kiddos afterwards. Parents can discuss work ethic, honesty, greed, and friendship. If your movie budget is tight, maybe wait for it to hit the discount theater or video, but definitely see it.


Rated PG for some impolite humor, and action.

Running time: 89 minutes

Scene after the credits? No.

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  1. When watching this film’s review I’ve enjoyed. Hope it’s fast out in my country, then I will go to the right. so looking forward to and expect this film.

  2. I am not really into musicals, but for some reason I think this movie seems fantastic!!! I am glad you did a post on it or I may not have been enticed to see it…..

  3. Debra Wagner says

    Well this really sounds like a great movie I know my grandchildren will want to see it looks fun and something that they will enjoy

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