Incredibles II

Incredibles II

Helen is called on to help bring Supers back, while Bob navigates the day-to-day heroics of “normal” life at home when a new villain hatches a brilliant and dangerous plot that only the Incredibles can overcome together. Keep reading for my spoiler-free and family-focused review.
Incredibles II

As I sat in the theater waiting for the early screening of Incredibles II to begin, I overheard the conversation of the two reviewers sitting behind me. One guy asked the other if perhaps this movie was 10 years too late. “Maybe” was his answer. I started to think about that idea. In an industry dominated by the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other superhero movies, can an old favorite hold its own? Do we still care about the Incredibles 14 years later? Just a few minutes into the movie I had my answer. Yes. Yes, we do.

Incredibles II starts right where the original movie left off. The Incredibles are figuring out how to balance family-life with their powers, a villain named Underminer appears, and the family is poised to fight…but Supers are still illegal. After a battle with the Underminer, a few Super supporters get to work to try to bring the Supers back into favor. But is that possible? Two Super fans think it is and they hatch a plan to frame Supers in a positive light.

Incredibles II

After a meeting with the heavy hitters of the Super world, Elastigirl finds herself in a new role. She is faced with a situation moms know all too well: work-life balance. Is she even ready to dive back into work after being home for so long? Mr. Incredible has own own struggles, which I will not spoil. Let’s just say he spends a lot of time with Jack-Jack who is hitting some interesting milestones.

Incredibles II

Like the first movie, Incredibles II is a family story wrapped in a superhero adventure. Parenting teens and tweens, sibling rivalry, childcare, work-life balance, family finances, and career reentry issues are real to our families and to the Incredibles. But it never feels too heavy. The Incredibles manage to grow stronger as they face these issues together. My only criticism of this movie is that there is a small amount of language I do not like to see in a PG movie. A few exclamations including “oh my god”, “I’ll be damned”, and I believe one “what the hell…”.

Incredibles II

To answer the question that other reviewer asked about whether this movie is 10 years too late, it depends on your perspective. So many of the superhero movies out these days are pretty dark and heavy, carrying PG-13 or R ratings. Incredibles II is fun and family-friendly and it feels perfectly timed. If you are not part of a family dynamic, you might not like this movie. But if you are deep in the family trenches like me, this movie is a welcome ray of sunshine. Family life can be hard, but it is incredible.

Rating: PG for action sequences and some brief mild language

Running time: 118 minutes

Scene after the credits: No

Don’t miss it! Come early for the cute, then disturbing, then tear-jerking short film Bao.

Incredibles II pre-film short Bao

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  1. Denra Wagner says

    Sounds “Incredible!! ” lol I love the Incredible movies I saw the preview at the movie theater last week when I went to watch Solo… The Incredibles is on outer lust to watch as I trust your reviews andl we’re going to go this weekend