How to Hard Boil Eggs

How to Hard Boil Eggs

Hi Celebrating Family readers, I’m Wendy from Around My Family Table and I super excited to be here with you today!  I love guest posting here because Janice has the best readers and fans…do you remember my post from last Christmas?  I shared my Christmas Marshmallow Pops with y’all!  Today, I’m sharing with you how to hard boil eggs.

 How to Hard Boil Eggs

Sometimes something as simple as a hard boil egg gets the best of me.  I’ve tried several methods for getting the perfectly cooked hard boiled egg, but they always failed until I figured out this method.  I’ve heard some people just boil the heck out of the egg resulting in that green ring around the yolk (there is nothing wrong with that, but it’s just not appetizing in a salad).  I’ve seen people cook them in the oven…why would I want to heat up the house and waste all that energy on an egg!  I promise this is the easiest way to get the perfect result.

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 How to Hard Boil Eggs

Let’s get back to cooking the perfect hard boiled egg, shall we?

Hard Boiled Eggs

  • 1 dozen eggs
  • Large stock pot with a lid
  • Water
  1. Gently place eggs in a large stock pot.  Start filling the pot with cool water until the eggs are completely covered with water and water is at least one inch above the top of the eggs. 
  2. Place stock pot on stove over high heat and bring pot to a rolling boiling (meaning the water continuing boils hard).  Once this occurs, cover the pot and turn heat off.  Let eggs sit in hot water for 15 minutes.
  3.  After the eggs sit in the hot water bath, gently remove eggs with a slotted spoon to a colander and run cool water over the eggs.   Once eggs are cool, peel them for immediate use or place them in the refrigerator to use throughout the week. 

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  1. Debra Wagner says

    This is the best way to do it!

  2. Dave in Prescott AZ says

    Hi Wendy,
    This is the best sure fire way to hard boil an egg perfectly. I have been using this method for many years. I live at 6500 feet altitude (water boils at 200.6 ºF (93.67 ºC) up here, not at the 212 ºF near sea level, so it takes longer to cook the egg correctly). My high altitude technique takes room temperature eggs in the pan with room temp. water to a rolling boil for 1 minute on high heat, then turn off the electric stove, leave eggs covered (lid) in the pan on the electric burner for 20 minutes (gas stoves may vary in timing). This is for a “large” egg. Experiment with the rolling boil time and how long it stays on the cooling electric heating element. As Alton Brown (Good Eats) says: “Your patience will be rewarded’.
    – Dave (Yes, guys can cook too !)

    • Thanks Dave! That’s good to know…down here in the Valley I don’t have to worry about that, but I know a lot of people do. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kyaw Sein says

    OMG a real secret revealed

    • Lol. Judging by the number of gross hard boiled eggs I have been served, a lot of people need a lesson in this method.

    • Mommy Pamela says

      I know right? This blog always has such great little tid bits, that is why this is my favorite blog. Thanks Janice for your great info because my mother-in-law could really use this tip…SHHHH, don’t tell.

  4. STELLA toledo says

    I love hard boiled eggs thanks for the tips..

  5. rebeka deleon says

    i only let mine sit in the hot water for 8 minutes so the middle isn’t so cooked. i should share with my husband because he has no idea how to boil eggs! he kept boiling them so they ended up cracking and breaking apart. lol

  6. Arnold D. says

    Gonna try this for breakfast tomorrow.

  7. I’ll try your tips tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Linda S Moore says

    That is how I do boiled eggs also. I forget who told me about it but it does work perfectly and makes the prettiest deviled eggs ever. Thanks for sharing though. Love your recipes. 🙂

  9. I love hard boiled eggs in salads, and tend to eat a lot of salads in the summer due to the heat. Thanks for sharing your way of cooking them!

  10. Vanessa Mabel Camba says

    Oh i’ll try this one.

  11. Thanks for the tip. I always end up over-boiling the eggs.

  12. Yes. This is my technique too! It works perfect every time. Now I’m really in the mood for egg salad. Yum. 🙂

  13. I use this technique except at the end I drain the water out of the pot and fill it with very cold water. I gently roll and crack each egg on the side of the sink and put back in the water for a few minutes. I can slide a egg right out of the shell with one hand. Drain the pot and discard the shells. My sister in law was amazed that I could do this with one hand and never ruin a egg.

  14. Lasik for Your Surgeon says

    Never knew what the greenish ring was. Thanks!

  15. Thank you for the tips.

  16. md kennedy says

    Why is it that sometimes what we think should be so easy….actually is? Thanks for this fool-proof method! I hope I won’t get any of those green rings….

  17. Great recipe. I hadn’t thought about cooling them down afterwards with cold water! These eggs will look great in my stainless steel lunchbox (a PlanetBox!). Link below if you’re curious:

  18. This is the best way. Do not forget the eggs like I did and burn them.


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