Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Strips and Coleslaw with Pineapple - School Lunch Elevated

Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Strips and Coleslaw with Pineapple – School Lunch Elevated

Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Strips and Coleslaw with Pineapple – School Lunch Elevated Today’s kids work hard at school and they deserve a nutritious lunch that is more than just a daily sandwich. Sandwiches can be amazing and nutritious, but they can get to be a force of habit that is less than inspiring. The sandwich making habit can make it difficult to think outside of the norm for those lunches we have to make so often. Here is one lunch idea that we have used in our home with great success: grilled chicken teriyaki strips and coleslaw with pineapple. This meal is tasty and interesting and will have your kiddos’ classmates doing a double-take at lunch time

Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Strips and Coleslaw with Pineapple – School Lunch ElevatedI grew up carrying cool lunches boxes plastered with my favorite characters. I loved the lunches my mom made because they were not always just sandwiches. As I began to make school lunches for my own kiddos, I soon realized that every single lunch was a sandwich and that bread was just a given. Can you say boring and predictable? I started to really think about what I was putting into those lunches and I decided to try to keep the sandwiches to once a week and to round out the other days with a variety of healthy and flavorful meals. My kiddos have come to love their lunches and are often the envy of their friends. The lunch box has become an even more valued item, almost like a treasure chest.

These grilled chicken teriyaki strips and coleslaw with pineapple are pretty easy to make. This is primarily because they can be made ahead of time and in large quantities. For the chicken teriyaki, simply grill the chicken and cut it into strips ahead of time. When you make the lunch, place the strips into a plastic lunch container and drizzle your favorite teriyaki sauce over the top of the strips.

The coleslaw can with be made using a mix, or by purchasing the carrots and cabbage separately. Using coleslaw mix will make it easier for those of you who already have enough to do.

Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Strips and Coleslaw with Pineapple – School Lunch Elevated

Coleslaw with Pineapple

The first three ingredients can be substituted with roughly 4 cups of coleslaw mix.


  • 1/2 head green cabbage, thinly sliced
  • 1 large carrot, shredded
  • 1-2 leaves of red cabbage, shredded
  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise
  • 1 tablespoon sour cream
  • 1/4 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon dry mustard
  • 1 eight ounce can, diced pineapple tidbits or chunks, liquid reserved
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper


Combine the green and red cabbage with the carrots in a large mixing bowl. Add the mayonnaise, sour cream, onion, and mustard to the cabbage mixture. Mix well to combine. Blend in the pineapple pieces and roughly half of the pineapple juice and stir to combine. Salt and pepper to taste.

Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Strips and Coleslaw with Pineapple – School Lunch Elevated This year, take your school lunches to the next level.

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  1. I love the idea of taking something other than a sandwich. My kids take the same thing for lunch every day and it definitely gets boring! Thanks for the great idea.

  2. Great idea, and looks super yum!!!! 🙂

  3. My kids are long out of the house but im trying this fro myself and husband’s lunches! Yummy!

  4. Great ideas! Kids, schmids…I’m doing this for my husband’s lunches. Our kids are long gone from our house but this is too good to not have for all, including my hubby-kid.

  5. This looks like a great way to get two meals out of one fixing! Will definitely try it this week!

  6. Debbie Gott says

    Looks delicious!!

  7. This looks so good! I may just have to make it for dinner.

  8. Looks tasty and fun!

  9. I love coleslaw but I can never manage to get it just right at home. Going to definitely give your recipe a try. #client

  10. Becky Bashaw says

    This is awesome! I love that Smart & Final is carrying organic items and I love the recipe that you gave here. I bet my son would love to take this on his lunch and I will definatley be checking out the new Smart & Final

  11. Pamela wells says

    those recipes look and sounf yummy! I checked out their website and I would make the baked raviolis with pesto dipping sauce. Looks and sounds yummy too. I don’t believe we have any of those stout stores here in Missouri but would love to. Our choices of fresh organic stores are very very limited here in the Midwest

  12. What a fabulous idea…love coleslaw with pineapple!!

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