New Reasons We Love Family Mobile Unlimited Plans

New Reasons We Love Family Mobile Unlimited Plans

Family Mobile unlimited plans. #FamilyMobileSaves

Last month I shared with you that I have been a loyal Walmart Family Mobile customer for over two years. I recently got the opportunity to spread the word about Family Mobile’s unlimited plans (as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®), and I took it! My husband and I had been considering adding a third line to replace our long ago eliminated land line so there would be a phone at home when we are not there. Also, we wanted a phone our son could take with him when he attends activities without us. Our experience with Family Mobile has shown us that it is the best wireless plan with the lowest price. But as part of this program we found several new reasons to love Family Mobile.

It has been just about a month since we added our third line and it has proven to be a good decision for our family. We are a low media family and we do not own a video game system of any kind. My son had heard about Minecraft from his friends and wanted to play the sandbox video game at home. The phone we were sent as part of this program was the myTouch phone, a 4G phone with enough memory to support gaming. My son has become quite a decent Minecraft player and is uncovering more in the game each time he plays (which I limit). It has been fun to watch him enter the gaming world, even on a limited basis. It was also a nice distraction for him on our recent turbulent plane ride.

Another benefit to having a phone and line dedicated to my son is that he can learn and practice technology without having to use my Samsung Galaxy S2. He is learning to text, navigate the device, use the camera, and more. Here he is using the Genius button which allows voice prompts for searches, calls, texts,and other tasks. He is really starting to get the hang of it.

Family Mobile Unlimited Plan  #FamilyMobileSaves

One unexpected benefit of getting this phone for my son is that he has been taking some pretty good pictures with its camera. He seriously loves nature and is a budding horticulturalist.  He has had so much fun taking pictures of the things he is growing out in the yard. Check out this cool picture he took of a new leaf on his fig tree.

Family mobile unlimited plans

Since we have been Family Mobile customers for some time, we were already familiar with the ins-and-outs of the service. Bills can be paid in store, online, or via the phone. Almost anything a customer might need can be handled at or by dialing #611 from your phone. Also, now that we have a child on our plan, I was pleased to see that I have the ability to limit my sons’s phone use and permissions right from the Family Mobile site. Another thing I really appreciate is the texts that are sent out to remind me of my bill, thank me for paying, and to let me know about changes that have been made to the account (address changes and so forth).

Family Mobile Unlimited Plans  #FamilyMobileSaves

 We are 100% satisfied with our experience of adding a third line and providing our son with his first phone.

  • Adding the third line was very easy.
  • There is now a phone at home, even when my husband and I are not there with our cell phones.
  • Our son now has the ability to play video games with his peers (with limits set by us).
  • Our son is now enjoying photography.
  • Our son is learning how to use technology without having to handle our more expensive phones.
  • The price cannot be beat!

If you have been considering adding a new line to your Family Mobile plan then just do it! It was so easy. I simply went to the store, purchased a starter kit for $25, and activated it online. The starter kit can be purchased online, but I wanted to get my hands on it immediately so I went to the store. You can see more about my shopping trip here. If you are not a Family Mobile customer, then make the switch! You will save money while getting great service and features. It truly is a win-win situation for your family.


I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias® and Walmart Family Mobile. #FamilyMobileSaves #cbias #SocialFabric All opinions are my own.

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  1. Debra Wagner says

    Yes it is the cell phone erra. Glad he has a phone for emergencies! I have Family mobile and love NOT having to count my minutes, text, or web usage while I hear people around me complain about how many minutes they have left. ha

  2. Claude Harrison says

    One month ago our family introduced the affordable Walmart Family Mobile unlimited plans available through T-Mobile that requires no monthly contract for only $40 per month. Now we are back to update you on how the last month of testing with the new Galaxy S3 smartphone on the no contract plan actually works.

  3. Mommy Pamela! says

    As soon as our contract is up we are switching. I don’t understand why my carrier can justify its charges when there are other options that are a lot cheaper. I feel like I am being ripped off right now from my cellular phone company and cannot wait toget out of their “grip”. Thanks for the info.

  4. Thanks for this review, Janice. My husband consistently goes over his data allowance so I’ve been shopping for another carrier. I’m going to check this out.

  5. Doris Caban says

    I was thinking to change my carrier. Thanks for the information.

  6. What wonderful reasons to consider adding a new phone to the family – piece of mind, learning and exploring, all at a highly affordable price! Its great to hear a positive report from a family who’s been using the Walmart Family Mobile service for some time 🙂

  7. Mae Marks says

    One thing I like better about my new phone is the video component. Check out this short clip of Ellie riding Test Track at EPCOT. With the self-recording feature, I was able to capture this as we went from 0-68 mph in just a few seconds.

  8. Sydney Gill says

    We are a family of FIVE…and we all NEED cell phones (yes, even Isaac!) As the Family Financial Manager, it rests upon my shoulders to make sure we save every dollar where we can and use those hard earned dollars in the best ways. A few weeks ago, we went to the Apple store and had to upgrade my husband’s cell phone. While we were there, the guy told us that our plan had to be changed and we NO LONGER had an unlimted data plan. (WHAT?!?!) We NEED unlimited Plans…we need the BEST wireless plan!

  9. maribel raymundo says

    This comments for a few shortcut ipad giveaway. Its good to know what a relief a family mobile plan can do for your family. It saves your time and gas.

  10. Selena V. Clemons says

    From family mobile phones to unlimited talk plans, the family mobile phone deals and accessories you’re looking for are available at Walmart.

  11. Jennifer Conley says

    You can find the cell phone, accessories and plans that are just right for you and your family at Walmart. Save money. Live better.

  12. Mobile phones are so expensive, any ways to save is great!

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