Family Boating–Fun For Everyone

Family Boating–Fun For Everyone

My son learning to operate a boat.We recently purchased a small fishing boat. Some of my favorite childhood memories revolve about going out on my Grandpa’s boat, so I am very excited to share the experience with my children. We recently took the boat out for an afternoon at the lake and had an amazing amount of fun.

If you do not have a boat, you can still experience boating with your family. Many lakes and marinas offer boats for rent by the day or hour. We rented a pontoon boat once and spent the day cruising in the shade. We have also rented very small boats that were only powered by trolling motors. Regardless of the boat’s size or speed, most kiddos would love to spend a day boating.

If you do go out boating, here are a few tips to keep in mind.Kiddos and boat

  • Be aware of the boating laws in your area.
  • Be cautious of other boaters and people on jet skis who may not know what they are doing. It happens – a lot. As my grandpa used to say “Boats don’t have brakes.”
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen.  All that fun may make you forget to lather up.
  • Be sure to have a life vest on board for every passenger, and make sure every child is wearing one.  It is a must for safety and it is the law in many places.
  • If you do not know how to operate a boat, please take a class.
  • Please do not operate a boat while intoxicated.
  • Leave your stress and worries at home.
  • Have fun and relax!

Having fun in the sun


If you have a boat, why not take it out this weekend? Don’t let it sit and gather dust. If you don’t have a boat, I encourage you to look for boat rental opportunities in your area. Or…you could make friends with a boat owner.

Do you enjoy boating? Do you prefer to ski, fish, or just hang out on the boat? Feel free to leave a comment,. Share and let’s talk about it.

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  2. My dad has a sailboat and we've been anxiously waiting for him to figure out how to sail so we can go out too. LOL I can't wait… My son is in kayaking camp this week and my dh is an experienced kayaker so we're hoping to go out as a family this summer. We love living so close to the ocean. 🙂

  3. simplywalkingthroughlife says

    I used to go to a camp ground with my youth group that had canoes. I loved going out on the lake! I even got brave enough to take my camera out on the water the last time I went.

  4. JayLeigh says

    Going boating sounds so fun! 🙂

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    I remember going fishing with my Godmother and her husband when I was a kid – lots of fun! Great post and thanks for sharing! Stopping by from the Finding New Friends Hop and am now a follower! You can find me
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  10. Nice post, A lot of fun and interesting. and you show this very good here.

  11. Small fishing boat , nice .Is it enough for fishing for me. on a pond?Your article is good, really informative.

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