Disney Pixar's Inside Out

Disney Pixar’s Inside Out

InsideOut52057aa1e492fI almost did not attend the pre-screening of Disney Pixar’s new animated family movie Inside Out. To tell you the truth, I thought it looked boring and childish. However, my daughter was very excited to go and so we went. It was a good lesson for me to never judge a movie by its brightly-colored posters. Given my reluctance to see the movie at all, I was surprised at just how much I laughed, hoped, and even teared-up during the movie.

Inside Out is a fun, heartwarming, and relatable movie that the whole family will enjoy, even mom and dad. The movie tells the story of a family that leaves its Midwest home to move to San Francisco. Naturally, the daughter, Riley, is sad about the move and she goes through a lot of emotions and changes in response to her situation. The audience goes inside Riley’s head where we meet the emotions Joy, Sadness, Fear, and Anger. These emotions create quite a messy situation that has to be undone in order to save the family.

InsideOut5488b2dee5743Parents, be warned that you may get teary-eyed when you are reminded of old memories of your childhood, and especially of your children’s early childhoods that they have forgotten. You will experience imaginary friends, childhood games, baseless fear,s and so many other elements of childhood we can relate to. It is quite a dive into a child’s mind.

257683581,43AD2C6C3C404030FEDI recommend that you take your kiddos to see this movie. Be sure, however that you talk about it with them afterwards. Inside Out presents a picture of our lives being controlled by the emotions in our head. They literally make the characters take certain actions. One major principle in our home is that we control our emotions, they do not control us. This was especially necessary during the temper tantrum years and will surely come up again in the teen years. We teach our children that just because they feel angry does not mean they can be mean and yell. We control that emotion and act rationally in response. The emotion is recognized, felt, and then we do the right thing. So after the movie I looked at my daughter, giggled and said “It’ a good thing that in real life our emotions cannot control us like that!” She smiled back and said “Yeah, it is!”

Inside Out is rated PG.

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Disclaimer:  I attended a media screening of the movie in order to facilitate this review.

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  1. I took my granddaughter to see this movie. I was prepared to sit through another silly movie, so I was surprised that I liked it so much. I became caught up in the movie very quickly and laughed and giggled through it. This movie is in 3 D so we had to wear those funny glasses. My 10 yr old granddaughter really the movie as well. It is a good show.

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