Totally Awesome Disney Giveaway $500 (4/30)

Totally Awesome Disney Giveaway $500 (4/30)

Are you ready for the happiest giveaway ever? My blogger friends and I have teamed up to bring you a fabulous Disney Giveaway this month. Two lucky winners will receive Disney gift cards that can be used on an upcoming Disney vacation, Disney Store purchase and more!


Prizes: $500 Disney Gift Card & $100 Disney Gift Card (can be used at Disney Theme Parks and Resort Hotels, on Disney Cruise Line, at Disney Store,, at and beyond)

Organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck!

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Rules: Use the Rafflecopter form to enter daily. Besides the mandatory blog comment entry, all other entries are optional. Giveaway ends 4/30 and is open worldwide.

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  1. Donna Schechter says

    I heard the song I’m Happy!

  2. My little one’s smile!

  3. When I found out I got the day off to go on a field trip with Tater!

  4. rick buckman says

    i was ab;e to get the laundry done

  5. Pamela Haddad says

    I made good time coming to work and heard that Pharrell song “Happy!” Both of those things made me happy this morning! What would even make me happier is to win this!! Thanks for the chance!!!

  6. Katherine says

    My daughter called

  7. Emily Morelli says

    My husband makes me happy everyday!

  8. Erin McSweeney says

    I finished a quilt today for my sister in law, this makes me beyond happy.

  9. heather s says

    Walked through a garden with pretty spring flowers

  10. Stephanie V. says

    Having lunch with an old friend

  11. Spending time with my little family! We were mostly running errands but I love when it’s just the 3 of us 🙂

  12. Katherine says

    The sun is shining~

  13. Going on a bike ride through the park.

  14. My husband and kids are both on vacation right now, so no deadlines or responsibilities are in play today. I thought of it first thing, and that made me happy. 🙂 Breaks off are nice!

  15. Thomas Chappell says

    Waking up to my baby boy. 🙂

  16. Warmer weather!

  17. That first cup of coffee!

  18. Cynthia C says

    A hot shower made me happy.

  19. My daughter e-mailing me pictures.

  20. Jennifer M says

    My son wishing me to have a good day at work.

  21. Nicole Vosburgh says

    Getting ice cream together tonight as a family.

  22. The girls I work with wanted to watch Frozen tonight.

  23. JULIE TARDI says

    my son called me on his way to work

  24. Having dinner tonight out as a whole with my mom, as a new addition. She came 2000+ miles to live in uncharted territory to be near us as her health declines with cancer, and to enjoy her last year with us. So with our kids being adults & in their own family situations, it is hard to get everyone together often. So I cherish these times.

  25. Lacey Dunkin says

    Playing pretend with my 2 year old daughter.

  26. Diane Quick says

    I woke up to another day!

  27. Linda Pannell says

    Having breakfast with my hubby made me happy this morning!

  28. Annmarie W. says

    It’s Friday…so that makes me happy, knowing I’ll spend the weekend having fun with my family!

  29. Katherine says

    Crocuses are blooming at back door

  30. kim kihega says

    Sunny skies this morning! We had a terrible storm last night!

  31. i paid all the bills for the month! whew that makes me smile i owe no one until next month lol

  32. Nicole Vosburgh says

    Having breakfast in bed with my 3 year old made me so happy!

  33. The 70 degree weather!

  34. chris g. says

    My son got 10 for 10 on his spelling test today.

  35. karyn koehler says

    The warm weather is the best after the winter we just had. This makes me smile and the fact that the kids can go out and play!

  36. I got to leave work early! 😀

  37. food

  38. Katherine says

    I got to sleep in

  39. Mary Casper says

    my hubby was extra sweet today

  40. Nicole Vosburgh says

    We got a lot of progress done today on our basement remodel project.

  41. Katherine says

    The sun is shining brightly

  42. robyn paris says

    i went for a walk in the park with my dogs

  43. Nicole Vosburgh says

    Landscaping outside this morning with my boys.

  44. great giveaway

  45. Amanda Creen says

    my husband frying bacon.

  46. barbara austin says

    my granddaughter laughed for the first time!!

  47. Kathy Kuykendal says

    My hockey team won!

  48. Jennifer M says

    The weather was beautiful outside and I spent some time with my son.

  49. JULIE TARDI says

    I got all my house work done !!!

  50. My son hugging me

  51. My niece and nephew were here today and we got to play outside because the weather was nice.

  52. Katherine says

    I already had some me time

  53. kim kihega says

    My mom helping me today!

  54. susan smoaks says

    My husband told me he loved me and hugged me before we headed off to work.

  55. my boys waking up with a smile

  56. Monique Rizzo says

    The donuts a customer brought in made me smile 🙂

  57. Nicole Vosburgh says

    Dancing around the house with my 3 year old.

  58. Hollie Jahnke says

    That my Grandma turned 83 today and she’s still with us! <3

  59. robyn paris says

    i was happy to get out of work early today.

  60. Marissa Lynette (@imahappymess) says

    My sons made me happy today!

  61. Jaclyn Reynolds says

    I was happy to get all our errands done and bring home pizza!

  62. Carolyn G says

    I received a great email from an old friend

  63. Tiffany O says

    Riding bikes with my daughter to the park so she could swing.

  64. Im sorry to say that happy can not be in the vocab today! 🙁

  65. Katherine says

    I Heard of a new baby coming

  66. Nicole Vosburgh says

    A situation came up that allowed my husband and I to go on a trip together!

  67. My Samoyed puppy

  68. kelly woods says

    Getting blessed with another day of life!!!

  69. krystal wethington says

    Getting to spend time with my mom.

  70. Playing with my dogs made me happy.

  71. Lisa Barger says

    Watching a new life come into the world! A baby calf was born today 🙂

  72. melissa ramos says

    my kiddos

  73. Jennifer H. says

    My son said that he wants to go on a trip to the ocean and see whales 🙂

  74. Monica Young says

    My boss (who’s younger than me) complimented me on my new hair color 🙂

  75. tina reynolds says

    my kiddos built me a special lego it was so sweet and they did it together

  76. Katherine says

    I got a call from a cousin I haven’t heard from in years

  77. The weather is nice enough to open the windows today. I love fresh air!

  78. Nicole Vosburgh says

    Watching my son enjoy the gorgeous spring day outside riding his bike.

  79. michelle Hill says

    My Son said he loves me bigger than his toys.. lol

  80. Spring has finally sprung, today.

  81. Katherine says

    Going out to lunchwith a friend forher birthday

  82. I am happy about getting off work early to enjoy the beautiful day and happy that my daughter is having her 21st birthday today!

  83. Jennifer gilliam says

    Happy it is Friday!! Woo Hoo!

  84. Getting off work!

  85. Nicole Vosburgh says

    Watching my son ride his bike outside all day today! Finally warmth!

  86. kelly woods says

    Jesus blessing me with my family

  87. Talking to all the families at my school during our Open House.

  88. Kathy Kuykendal says

    My kitten

  89. alena svetelska says

    my daughters smile

  90. Eloise Carlson says

    My little girl giving me a big hug this morning! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  91. Katherine says

    The birds are singing

  92. kim kihega says

    The flowers blooming!

  93. carol clark says

    well i just bought something for my daughter and that made me happy knowing she would be happy for her birthday in a week and a half goodness sake time flys

  94. Mary Casper says

    My daughter called me

  95. Nicole Vosburgh says

    Washing the cars with my boys today made me smile!

  96. Tonya Atkinson says

    2 people benefitted from a post that I wrote it made my happy

  97. Rachel Travis says

    I got a facial!

  98. Dorothy Reynolds says

    What made me happy is that when I clocked out tonight it said 80 hours after being laid off for a long time!

  99. Karrie Millheim says

    My husband took me out to dinner

  100. Katherine says

    Someone gave me a bouquet of flowers

  101. Dorothy Reynolds says

    Waking up to breakfast in bed!! <3

  102. Mary Casper says

    my husband said he loved me

  103. spending time with family at the strawberry fest

  104. Katherine says

    FOund out I don’t haveto cook Sunday Dinner

  105. Rachel Travis says

    My family!!

  106. Mary Casper says

    I spent some quality time with my hubby

  107. I had a delicious lunch at a brand new restaurant and it was FREE!

  108. Katherine says

    Wentto see my daughter

  109. kim kihega says

    My daughter’s smile!

  110. my cat was trying to have a conversation with me lol

  111. keri cimorelli says

    waking up to my awesome kiddos.

  112. Noelle Cameron says

    My almost 2 year old sat and snuggled with me on the couch before breakfast

  113. tammy shelton says

    I’m happy that Mad Men is back on.

  114. Nicole Vosburgh says

    Helping my son built his new Hot Wheels track!

  115. Tonya Atkinson says

    Not sure but I have been happy all day

  116. ashley cossette says

    watching my sons play so nice together, theyre getting so big so quick!

  117. Lisa Canada says

    My happy moment of the day: My daughter greeting me when I got off the city bus after work and screaming my name and how much she missed me. She covered me in kid kisses and I wasn’t sure if she was going to let go when I got to the car. People around me where smiling so it must have made their day too!

  118. Katherine says

    I rec’d unexpected money in the mail today

  119. Talking to my mom on the phone today made me happy.

  120. Pauline M says

    I found out my son has made the honor roll again!

  121. kim kihega says

    Birds singing this morning!

  122. Nicole Vosburgh says

    Sitting in bed watching a Disney movie with my little guy on this rainy day.

  123. julie ferguson gould says

    Woke up to see my favorite little Princesses….My 2 beautiful Grand daughters as the Wallpaper on my Laptop…………Wonderful to wake to that every single day 🙂

  124. Hollie Jahnke says

    That we all woke up happy and healthy.

  125. I made a few sales today at work, which means more $$ for vacation! yay!

  126. Katherine says

    I woke up to bright clear blue skies

  127. Nicole Vosburgh says

    Shopping with my two boys tonight!

  128. Kathy Hanley says

    The Spring snow storm we got last night was melting by the time I woke up this morning!

  129. Candice N says

    Watching my kids dye eggs for Easter!

  130. Katherine says

    daughters coming home for Easter

  131. robyn paris says

    my morning coffee

  132. karyn koehler says

    When my children tell me I am the best mom ever!

  133. Alison McFadden says

    That we are all together as a family.

  134. kim kihega says

    My kids getting out of school early on such a beautiful day!

  135. Katherine says

    Warmer weather today

  136. jeni lutz says

    spending the day with my kids

  137. kim kihega says

    My kids smiles when they got their Easter baskets!

  138. Tamara Terni says


  139. I got to have lunch with my husband before he left for work.

  140. When my don scored in his penalty shot today in his hockey game.

  141. We got outside and went to the park today. That made me happy!

  142. Jacqueline Sampson says

    My husband said he would take care of dinner 🙂

  143. Katherine says

    Christ the Lord is Risen today

  144. Mary Casper says

    when my daughter called me this morning

  145. Katherine says

    Woke up to the birds singing

  146. Renee Richardson says

    We all woke up way too early so instead of going back to our rooms we all hung out in the living room and laughed and talked before school. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  147. Nicole Vosburgh says

    Reading time with my little guy today made me smile.

  148. Tara Smith says

    My babies smile first thing this morning

  149. Andrea Brawn Phillips says

    My 1 yr old b/g twins giving me kisses!

  150. Kelsea Eaton says

    I got a hand written letter in the mail today!

  151. My daughters cleaning their room with minimal arguing!

  152. Katherine says

    I got a winning email

  153. kim kihega says

    Our dog Simba made me smile today!

  154. Kelsea Eaton says

    I got to see my best friend!

  155. Receiving a package in the mail from my best friend!

  156. Rhonda M. says

    I took a walk around my neighborhood. It was nice.

  157. My sweet husband made me smile

  158. Katherine says

    set back today Look outside andit is snowing not happy

  159. Pauline M says

    I got to enjoy a cup of coffee alone before waking up the kids!

  160. kim kihega says

    Sleeping in a little bit later this morning made me pretty happy!

  161. kyl neusch says

    get the laundry done

  162. Katherine says

    Going to get a new sewing machine today

  163. Margaret Smith says

    My son helped me straighten up the house this morning.

  164. My dogs make me happy every day.

  165. It made me happy to get two things crossed off the project list!

  166. kim kihega says

    My kids made me happy today with their report cards!

  167. Kathy Kuykendal says

    video sent of our nephews

  168. Heather McKenzie Carter says

    Finding $6 in the washing machine!

  169. Rebecca Day says

    I am happy for another day spent with my husband who is a heart transplant patient and happy my kids get to spend time with him.

  170. Katherine says

    I got a new sewing machine

  171. kim kihega says

    The beautiful, bright sunny day made me happy today!

  172. Kelsea Eaton says

    I got a surprise in the mail!


  174. Katherine says

    Going to a great partytoday

  175. William Krawic says

    Finding out that I can stay home tonight and watch NASCAR on TV

  176. Mary Casper says

    seeing my mother for the first time in 6 months

  177. Kelsea Eaton says

    Ive been in a wonderful mood all day…not sure why but it has definitely made me smile!

  178. Jennifer H. says

    Spring is finally here!!! That makes me very happy.

  179. Eugenia Hall says

    My rescued kitties make me very happy, because I know I saved them and they love me.

  180. Katherine says

    My daughters birthday today

  181. A cuddly dog this morning made me happy.

  182. A kiss from my son made me happy

  183. Mary Casper says

    getting to talk to my other

  184. kim kihega says

    speaking with aunt this morning.

  185. robyn paris says

    bike riding along the canal made me happy today

  186. my niece was all smiles and giggles today

  187. Heather McKenzie Carter says

    Seeing an old friend for the first time in a year

  188. Getting my garden ready made me smile today.

  189. Karen Martin says

    It made me happy that today was Sunday and I didn’t have to get up super early for work Thanks

  190. Hanging out with my husband and my youngest boy made my day amazing.

  191. Playing 3 Little Pigs with my daughter made me smile!

  192. spending time with children

  193. Katherine says

    no rain today

  194. My husbands embrace

  195. Hesper Fry says

    Seeing my 2 daughters smiling faces this morning!

  196. Paula Michele Hafner says

    My husband had a cup of coffee waiting for me when I got up early this morning!

  197. jennifer r says

    Seeing lots of birds at my bird feeders this morning made me happy.

  198. Nicole Vosburgh says

    Waking up to a clean house made me smile today 🙂

  199. Shirley Smith says

    I got a great big hug from my 13 year old Son before he left for School! Sure did make my day 🙂 .

  200. Getting to work on time, lol

  201. julie ferguson gould says

    My daughters Birthday is today, I surprised her with a card and coffee in bed………..Shes 28 and a New Mommy

  202. Rebecca Christensen says

    Hubby let me sleep a bit longer by taking care of our little one. 🙂

  203. Mailing a gift to my niece

  204. when i greeted my doggie this morning. he makes me happy.

  205. Angela Ash says

    I bought a new hedge trimmer today and it cut like butter. I’ve been doing a lot of yard work lately and they made my bushes look amazing. That made me very happy.

  206. tina liles says

    my parents called me

  207. Cálaeb Temple says

    when my cats meowed to be let out in the garden this morning.

  208. my dog’s antics

  209. Rebecca Lock says

    My kids turning boxes into robot costumes made me happy.

  210. Kelsea Eaton says

    I finished a few things on my TO-DO list today:) That always makes me happy.

  211. Tara Braun says

    Eating dinner with my family.

  212. Karrie Millheim says

    I found some good items on sale during my thrift shop hunting. Its a hobby i love to do

  213. My family, just being around them!

  214. Kathleen S. says

    The kid that lives next door to me gave my dog a big hug when he saw him today. It was just about the cutest thing ever! That made me happy.

  215. Katherine says

    was able to skype with my son who is abroad this semester

  216. kim kihega says

    My son has a field trip today!

  217. Francine Anchondo says

    my kids

  218. Diane Wolf says

    My daughter telling me she loves me….in front of the school and friends!
    She never does that!

  219. Heather McKenzie Carter says

    Waking up next to my little guy who SLEPT THROUGH THE ENTIRE NIGHT! (thats kind of a huge deal around here)

  220. honestly nothing has made me happy yet.. but the day aint over.

  221. susan smoaks says

    i made it home right before my car broke down, it was perfect timing! we thank God we weren’t stranded beside the road with car trouble.

  222. Nicole Vosburgh says

    Visiting with my sister for lunch today made me smile.

  223. Leslie L Stanziani says

    My 4 kids all getting along and playing a board game together made me smile.It is not often my teenage daughters play with their little brothers.

  224. Playing with my dogs made me happy. 😀

  225. Karen Drake says

    My granddaughters smile made me happy today.

  226. jen bolander says


  227. Nina Murray says

    Cuddling with my daughter

  228. danielle Marie says

    i just got my first vintage sewing pattern in the mail and i cant wait to make it.

  229. Jaclyn Reynolds says

    Shopping with my toddler, we had a great time!

  230. Talking to my sister

  231. I did not make a major mistake at work today (although there was a question for a little while). Thank you

  232. Beverly Metcalf says

    I had lunch with a friend and we had fun just chatting. Thanks for having this contest.

  233. Pam Schad says

    Spent the day with my grandkids and that is a reason to smile.

  234. Having some “me” time today made me happy.

  235. Cálaeb Temple says

    my cats made me happy today.

  236. Katherine says

    Son is cominghome from Italy

  237. kim kihega says

    Made fun plans for the weekend!

  238. estella miller says

    Donuts and coffee at work from a co-worker! Happy!

  239. Heather McKenzie Carter says

    After over 5 years of a stinky gross natural gas leak, the utility company is outside my house jackhammering away to fix it! I am downright giddy!:)

  240. Rebecca Christensen says

    My husband took his last final for the semester today, so now we have more time together! 🙂

  241. Nicole Vosburgh says

    Finding out I’m going to be meeting a friend in Orlando for a girls week vacay!

  242. Rachel Kane says

    I passed my biology class!

  243. Watching my daughter rehearse for her very first dance recital (age 3), to “Build Me Up Buttercup”

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