City Museum: The Coolest Place in St. Louis

City Museum: The Coolest Place in St. Louis

City Museum: The Coolest Place in St. Louis

We recently visited St. Louis with some of my family and we dropped into the City Museum, not really knowing what to expect. What we found was the coolest and most fun museum I have ever visited. My kiddos have not stopped talking about it all these months later and they cannot wait to go back.

The City Museum in St. Louis is in a 600,000 square-foot building that used to be the International Shoe Company. City Museum has an incredible and eclectic mixture of exhibits, if you can call them that. There are items from children’s playgrounds, a surrealistic pavilion, and reclaimed architectural items. Everything in the museum has been found and reclaimed from within the city limits. The picture above shows just a small part of the outside play structure. There is also an adventurous area on the roof (see the school bus?)

City Museum: The Coolest Place in St. Louis

Some of the areas of the museum are for playing and others are just stunning. Some, like the picture below, are both. This room is on the first floor and that floor alone is worth the admission price. My kids could have spent all day there.

City Museum: The Coolest Place in St. Louis

Every new floor and turned corner at the City Museum brings a new and wonderful surprise. The room below makes even the grownups want to run in circles and slide.

City Museum: The Coolest Place in St. Louis

At the City Museum, details matter. Check out this wall decorated with old restaurant pans. Everywhere you look, from the floor to the ceiling, there is something amazing to see.

City Museum: The Coolest Place in St. Louis

One of the best features at City Museum is the staff. They are helpful, fun, and kind. After my son made a sword in the crafting area, the staff member on duty had a sword fight with my son, complete with a dramatic death scene. It was so fun to watch and made the visit that much better. Forgive the blurry picture, but it is a memory worth sharing.

Awesome employee at City Museum

One of my favorite parts of the museum is the architectural treasures. Friezes, gargoyles, signs, and so many other items are on display. There is even a Big Boy statue which brought back lots of memories of eating hamburgers as  child. My daughter liked this one…ahem.

City Museum: The Coolest Place in St. Louis

I highly recommend that your family visit City Museum if you are ever anywhere near St. Louis.

Visit City Museum’s Web site for hours, admission, and other information.

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  1. I am from St. Louis, though now living in Scottsdale, and The City Museum was always a favorite for us when we lived there. It doesn’t matter your age, there’s something for everyone!!

  2. So So fun…I cant wait to go back and do it all again!! This time I will crawl across the top!! I

  3. Wow looks like a great place to visit. I love how it is not a “typical” museum of white walls and sparse exhibits. It looks like there wold be something new and engaging at every turn

  4. What an amazing place to visit. It is so interactive and very kid friendly

  5. Pamela wells says

    The City Museum is an awesome place and we LOVE to go there! Awesome

  6. looks like a fantastic place to visit and roam around. Love your sense of humor with the nose picking picture! something my kids would think of too!!

  7. I love seeing museums from other cities. Looks like you had a great time.

  8. This looks like a great museum. So much to do and see! Super educational!

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