Celebrating Shelter Dogs and How You Can Help - #PedigreeGives

Celebrating Shelter Dogs and How You Can Help – #PedigreeGives

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Celebrating Shelter Dogs and How You Can Help #PedigreeGives #adLife is better with a dog. Who else loves you unconditionally and thinks you are the most fantastic person ever? The days in my life where I have not had a dog are very small in number. Dogs have brought untold joy into my life and likely to yours as well. We currently have two dogs, one that was rescued from a shelter and one that was adopted from a family member who could no longer keep her. Our shelter dog is named Buddy and today I am sharing his story with you because October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

Buddy is a nine year old Shar Pei and Pointer mix who we adopted from a shelter when he was about six months old. My husband had just come back from a 14 month deployment and my son was three and a half years old. I had a lovely 13 year old dog, but my son wanted a dog of his own. The post-deployment reintegration period can be tough for families, and my son had to adjust to a lot of changes. We decided to get my son his own dog as his buddy to make the process easier for him.  We visited our local animal shelter and my son picked a dog that he bonded with immediately. He fittingly named the dog Buddy and since he was already neutered, we got to take him home the same day.

Celebrating Shelter Dogs and How You Can Help #PedigreeGives #adBuddy has been such a wonderful addition to our family. We rescued him from the shelter but he helped our family as well. He was my son’s best friend during a complicated time in his life. He has been a constant and loyal companion. He is a high energy dog and he loves to spend time with us and accompanies us on walks, runs, and hikes. In the old picture below, we were camping and he alerted us to a mountain lion that was encroaching on our campsite. Without that warning, things could have gotten pretty ugly.

Celebrating Shelter Dogs and How You Can Help #PedigreeGives #adMy son and Buddy have grown up together. I pray this wonderful dog has a unusually long life because it is hard to imagine life without him. He is a friend, a guardian, an alarm system, and a loyal companion.

Celebrating Shelter Dogs and How You Can Help #PedigreeGives #adShelter dogs make wonderful pets. My best dogs have come from shelters and that is where my next dog will come from, too. PEDIGREE® wants to partner with you to help shelter dogs. During the month of October, when you purchase a PEDIGREE® product for your own dog at Sam’s Club, PEDIGREE® will donate a bowl of food to a dog in need. By feeding your own dog, you will be helping shelter dogs, too. That is awesome! Hurry in to Sam’s Club before October ends so you can help make a difference to a dog in need. Sam’s Club has a large supply of PEDIGREE®, as you can see in the picture below.

Celebrating Shelter Dogs and How You Can Help #PedigreeGives #adBut wait! There is another way you can work with PEDIGREE® to help shelter dogs. Simply upload a photo of the dog you love to Instagram or Twitter and use #LaterShelter and PEDIGREE® will donate a bowl of food for every upload. You may also have your photo featured on the Sam’s Club Web site.

Celebrating Shelter Dogs and How You Can Help #PedigreeGives #adHave you adopted a shelter dog? Tell me about your shelter dog in the comments below.

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  1. We have two shelter cats 🙂 I’m so happy pedigree is helping shelter animals #client

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    I think adopting a dog is the only way to go! Love that Pedigree is doing this.

  3. We are going to start the process of looking for a new dog soon and I can’t wait. I am SO glad that pedigree is doing this! I am such an animal lover I wish could adopt them all.

  4. We have two rescue cats, and have had shelter pets in the past. We donate food and supplies whenever e can.

  5. Adopting from a shelter is the best thing in the world. The dogs always seem extra loving and grateful, and it’s a good feeling to know you’re the reason your pet has a great home.

  6. My cousin works for a shelter and she has the sweetest stories to tell! Her dog is amazing!

  7. We haven’t adopted a shelter dog yet. It is something we plan to do if we add another furry friend to the family though!

  8. What an amazing thing Pedigree is doing for these precious pups! I think the “Adopt-Don’t Shop” motto is the way to go.

  9. I definitely agree that life is better with a dog. Your dog is beautiful. I have been thinking about adopting a shelter dog.

  10. Both of our dogs are shelter dogs and I am so grateful to the shelter they came from. I love that Pedigree is giving back and helping shelters, so I will be sure to IG a photo

  11. Rescuing animals from the shelter is a great thing to do. It’s great that Pedigree is helping with their donations.

  12. I am a crazy dog lover and your pix of your dog with your son are heart warming. Shelter dogs often make the most loveable canines of all, so I”m glad to see Pedigree is supporting the cause.

  13. We do not have a shelter dog. But we do have 2 shelter cats. And they are truly members of the family!

  14. Both of our dogs have been shelter animals. That’s the only way I would get one.

  15. Rescuing a dog from the shelter is so rewarding! You can really save a dog’s life that way!

  16. Both of my babies are from the shelter. We’re still contemplating on getting another one.

  17. this is really cool that pedigree is helping shelter animals! that is awesome of them

  18. We love our shelter dogs! They are a definite blessing. I love what PEDIGREE is doing for shelters and their dogs!