Bringing Up Birds: Raising Chickens and Other Backyard Fowl

Bringing Up Birds: Raising Chickens and Other Backyard Fowl

Raising ChickensTen years ago my husband brought home a Peking duckling. I was quite surprised and not really sure what to do with it. My husband was raised around many farm animals and he just assumed we’d raise the duck and then eat him. The duck grew on me, seemed to develop a personality and took residence in our backyard.  I named him “Salvation” because I saved him from my husband’s belly. Now ten years later our family has three ducks, a turkey and 16 chickens.

Raising Chickens

My children have never known a life without backyard fowl, although the particular birds have changed over the years. They have learned a lot from the little cluckers. My son is responsible for egg retrieval so he has practiced responsibility and care. Both children help to feed and water the birds which has taught them about stewardship of life.


Unfortunately most chickens do not have long lives. Because of this, our children were exposed to death from an early age, so they have learned about the circle of life. Oh, and did I mention that raising chickens and other backyard fowl is fun? We once had a chicken named Goldie who acted just like a cat. She let you pick her up and pet her and she would love up on your leg. Our turkey will “talk” to you and our rooster fights with owls. He is one tough rooster. We also have a few ducks who act like the three stooges. Talk about backyard entertainment.

Raising ChickensDomesticated fowl are easy to raise. Just make sure they have plenty of clean water, shelter, food and are protected from predators.  They will also lay more eggs if they have somewhere nice and cozy to do their business. Here is a picture of our nest boxes.

Raising ChickensOther than the learning opportunities and entertainment the birds provide, they also contribute to our household in two very important ways: the girls all lay eggs and the chickens all eat scorpions.  You can’t really beat that in this desert.

And in case you were wondering, we very rarely eat any of our birds. We did eat a mean turkey for Thanksgiving one year and my husband stewed some rowdy roosters, but I manage to keep most of the birds in “protected wildlife” status.

Does your family keep any atypical animals around?  What do they contribute to your life? Feel free to leave a comment. Share and let’s talk about it.Raising Chickens


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  1. Love all the farm animals!!
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  2. Aunite Pam says

    I love your animals! Your lucky to have as much land as you do because that gives you many options. Just wish your land was in the rolling hills of Missouri. Can't wait to see you soon. Have fun with your birdies.

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  5. Stephanie says

    Ohh, I so want chickens! But that + trying to sell your house don't always mix. 🙂

    New follower from the hop, hope you can stop by when you get a chance

  6. That's wonderful! I've wanted to get chickens for awhile now, but we just don't have enough yard space for them – at least their own spot so the kids running around don't terrify them! lol. But definitely at our next house.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I now follow you too and also subscribed to your RSS feed, Facebook, & Twitter! Have a wonderful day!
    Musings From a SAHM

  7. How cool, we live on a farm too, with chickens, we love having the fresh eggs, and my daughter enjoys having the chickens around!

  8. Nope, just cats here! I’ve wondered how people keep from getting attached if they plan to eat the animals at some point.

  9. If my dottie saw this post, she’d ask if she could come visit with her baby brother.They love pets and those of the feathered kind are a treat! What fun to have your own mini petting farm!!

  10. We have chickens,too. One of them, Sunny is actually a cuddle bucket- I don’t think she knows she’s a chicken- I would * almost* swear she purrs! LOL

  11. I love your birds and the kids have such fun with them and they do have little personality one of them is great

  12. I love your birds I love watching the kids play with them and it’s so strange how they do have personalities just like people every one of them actually different way some are friendly and somer not

  13. Dag nabbit good stuff you whserepinappprs!


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