DIY Bird Feeder: Up-Cycle Tutorial

DIY Bird Feeder: Up-Cycle Tutorial

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, INC. and The Coca-Cola Company, all opinions are mine alone. #HonestSustainabiliTEA #RefreshinglyHonest #CollectiveBiasDIY Bird Feeder #HonestSustainabiliTEA #ad #RefreshinglyHonest If you love up-cycling, you are going to love this fun, easy, and green project. I love many drinks that happen to come in plastic bottles and while I always recycle my plastic bottles, it is a lot of fun to create useful and life-enhancing projects from the empties. I recently made a simple bird feeder from an empty Honest® Tea bottle and it turned out wonderfully.

Using an Honest® Tea bottle makes sense for this project because each bottle of tea is organic and Fair Trade. I recently tried the newest flavor, Peach Ginger Honest® Tea and it was delicious (with no added sugar!). Like all Honest® Tea, the Peach Ginger variety is made with real tea leaves. That is an honest and pure difference I can taste.

This Honest® Tea bottle up-cycle project is pretty easy and the end product is a bird feeder that you can use to feed your local feathered friends. Make one to celebrate spring, Earth Day, the weekend, or just because. You likely have most of the supplies on hand already so the cost for this is minimal. DIY Bird Feeder #HonestSustainabiliTEA #ad #RefreshinglyHonest

DIY Bird Feeder

You will need:

  • 1 Honest® Tea bottle, washed, dried, label removed (Can be found at Kroger stores).
  • weather and waterproof adhesive
  • razor knife
  • large plastic lid
  • para-cord, cooper wire, shoelace (whatever you have)
  • marker
  • drill
  • bird seed


  1. Draw two windows near the bottom of the bottle and cut them away with the razor knife.
  2. Using the adhesive, carefully glue the Honest® Tea bottle onto the center of the lid. Let dry according to package instructions.DIY Bird Feeder #HonestSustainabiliTEA #ad #RefreshinglyHonest
  3. Drill a small hole in the center of the top of the bottle lid.
  4. Feed both ends of the para-cord/shoelace/wire (whatever you have) into the lid’s newly drilled hole.
  5. Tie an overhand knot under the lid, pull tightly, and secure with glue, leaving hanging loop on top of lid. Cut off extra cord.DIY Bird Feeder #HonestSustainabiliTEA #ad #RefreshinglyHonest
  6. Once dry, fill Honest® Tea bottle with bird seed, attach lid, and hang from a tree.DIY Bird Feeder #HonestSustainabiliTEA #ad #RefreshinglyHonest If you wish, you can further decorate the birder feeder by gluing ribbons or other decorative items to the surface before adding the bird seed. However, I like the simple and natural look of seeing the seeds (I am sure the birds do as well). Other critters love bird feeders as well. We have many round-tailed squirrels in our yard and so many were out in the spring sun yesterday that I refilled the feeder and set it on the ground so they could enjoy it as well. While it was on the ground, a Gila woodpecker stopped by for a snack.

DIY Bird Feeder #HonestSustainabiliTEA #ad #RefreshinglyHonest Visit your local Kroger family store and try the new Peach Ginger Honest® Tea. I also picked up some Honest® Tea Half & Half (with lemonade) which is labeled as Just A Tad Sweet but is a whole lot of delicious. You can find a coupon here that is good for .25 off 1 bottle through April 22 and can be used up to five times in a single transaction.

DIY Bird Feeder #HonestSustainabiliTEA #ad #RefreshinglyHonest Find more inspiration here. #ad

I found Honest® Tea in the refrigerated drink section at the front of my Kroger family store, but you can also find it in the natural foods section, or the bottled tea area.

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