Benefits of the Family Dinner #SharetheTable

Benefits of the Family Dinner #SharetheTable

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Barilla, but opinions are my own.Benefits of the Family Dinner : #ShareTheTable

Dinnertime is family time in my home. There is a certain magic to it. A rhythm that flows through our evening together as a family. The sounds and smells of dinnertime create an energy that binds us all together and pulls us into the kitchen. But family dinner magic doesn’t only exist in my kitchen. I bet you have some in yours as well. Sharing dinnertime with your family creates memories, gives you the chance to talk, and so much more. Many families want to make time to eat together, yet mealtime is more disjointed than ever. One recent study found that 76% of people say dinner is the most important way to connect the family. However, one in four families say they feel like disconnected individuals living under one roof. Maybe that is because so many of us are eating dinner on the run, separate, or not at all.

Benefits of the Family Dinner #SharetheTableEating separately or on the run can really leave you feeling unsatisfied and disconnected. It doesn’t have to be this way. We have made a point in our home to eat together as often as possible. It is our time to talk about our days, share funny stories, pray as a family, and even plan the following day. American families are uniquely different and yet we all experience the common need for shared mealtime and greater connection. Whether you call it dinner or supper doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you gather your family and enjoy your evening meal together. That one simple choice can make a measurable difference to your children. I love bullet points (they make things more clear!) so let me give you a quick list of some of the benefits of eating dinner as a family:

  • Increased time together as a family.
  • If your family prays, it provides an opportunity for family prayer.
  • Family dinners help kids learn table manners.
  • Sharing the table gives your family members a chance to talk about their day and share any accomplishments and difficulties.
  • Eating at home together usually results in healthier food choices than eating on the run.

Benefits of the Family Dinner #SharetheTableMy favorite thing about our family dinners is the laughter we share so often. Family dinners are an important part of our routine.  As a military family we often find that there are only three at our dinner table so I think it is important to keep the dinner tradition going strong to keep a sense of routine and normalcy at all times. During my husband’s most recent deployment we even brought him to the dinner table via Skype which was really amazing. It was nice to hear him laugh as we ate dinner together, from opposite sides of the world.

Benefits of the Family Dinner #Sharethetable

Eating dinner as a family can be as unique as the American family. So many families, so many styles and ideas. Our family dinners are usually laid back and relaxing with a little humor thrown in. What are your family dinners like? Barilla wants to inspire, empower and support all families to share more meaningful meals together. If you share what happens during your family dinners by using the hashtag #ShareTheTable, Barilla will donate the monetary equivalent of ten meals ($1.11) to Feeding America, up to one million meals. Each one dollar donation helps provide nine meals via Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks (valid through 4/30/14). For mealtime inspiration visit – view the video below and learn how you can start sharing the table.

Feeding America is the nation’s largest organization dedicated to fighting domestic hunger through a network of food banks, and Barilla supports that goal.

If you don’t think you have time for family dinners, I encourage you to think again. Find quick meals ideas, like spaghetti for example, and give it a try. You will be glad you did. And remember, if you share what happens during your family dinners and use the hashtag #ShareTheTable, Barilla will provide the monetary equivalent of ten meals ($1.11) to Feeding America, up to one million meals!

Benefits of the Family Dinner #SharetheTable
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Barilla. For every post using #ShareTheTable from now until 4/30/14, Barilla will donate a monetary equivalent of ten meals ($1.11) to Feeding America®, up to 1 million meals. Barilla will donate a maximum of $110,000.  One dollar helps provide 9 meals secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local member food banks.Tracking Pixel

Benefits of the Family Dinner #SharetheTable

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  1. Ashley Sears says

    I couldn’t agree with you more. My family loves eating together, and it’s something I’ve been doing with my family since I was a kid. Great post!

  2. I’m a huge supporter of family dinners. They’re definitely something to help kids acclimate to adulthood.

  3. I absolutely love your pictures, such a cute way to get the message across! Eating together is a great way to bond.

  4. Family dinner is such an important time. We try to make it happen and weekends are usually the best time to really enjoy a longer dinner together.

  5. We make a point of eating together nearly every night, even if it is eating out, we’re still together. Great family time!

  6. What a cute series of photos you used for this post…very clever. I think eating together as a family is very important.

  7. LOVE this post. Seems as though many family do not do this anymore. I make sure we at least eat at the table three-four days out of the week and every weekend. It is very important to eat together….love the photos!

  8. Yes, yes! We eat at least 2 meals together and I feel lucky that as a farming family we are all here to sit down for meals. Sometimes that is the only break during the day! We all talk about our day and even work in Sunday morning breakfasts together.

  9. Bobbie Seacrist says

    When I was kid, even a teen, we ate dinner at the table every single night. Unfortunately life is a lot more busier now and I don’t have that luxury with my kids. But I do make sure that we eat at the table at least 3 or 4 nights a week. It definitely gives us some down time to just talk. I treasure those nights because I know soon they will be off to college!

  10. I agree that people should eat together at the table.

  11. Todd Douglas says

    We have instituted a rule that we only eat at the dining table, no TV. Noticed a lot of improvement in communication.

  12. We have always made having dinner together a priority. Even before we had kids, my husband and I would sit down at the table and eat together. Probably b/c I worked nights and he worked days and it was the one time when our schedule overlapped. I’m glad that we started that then. It’s not always easy with young kids, but it is beneficial to them in the long run.

  13. We are bad about not eating at the table all the time. Sometimes we eat on our dinner trays whiile wathcing tv. I truely believe that eating at the table (with tv off) is definintely the way to go. It helps to bring the family together & share how our day went. Instead of focusing on whats on tv, we are focused on each other 🙂

  14. Mommy Pamela says

    I agree with you about the importance of a family meal at the end of the day. We always try to eat at the table now that we have a little one in the home. We want him to see how important it is to sit down with family and the ones you love and talk about your day; really get to know one another. I also like Barilla for a choice of pasta cause it’s all-natural ingredients which is important in our family meals. It’s awesome that they’re donating so much money to the hungry. Thanks for the information.

  15. Becky Bashaw says

    Family dinners are the best!

  16. Debra Wagner says

    When my three beautiful daughters were growing up we had supper together every night! Nothing better than that! 🙂

  17. Emily reid says

    Yes yes yes! So true and thanks for making me hungry for pasta now!!! (My kids will be glad too)!

  18. Hey! We just had this last night! 😉
    Family dinners are so important, I really love the opportunity to have everyones attention so we can connect.

  19. We love family dinner, they totally center our family. I love dinners like this. Thanks for the post.

  20. Dinner time is so much better when everyone is around the table together! So true!

  21. We really try to have a family dinner. Now that the kids are teenagers, it does get harder.

  22. We always eat dinner as a family, but we are still working on table manners for my preschooler. He thinks that forks are always optional… 😉

  23. Katy Rawson says

    Thanks Barilla for the #ShareTheTable campaign. I am not kidding when I say I always reach for Barilla brand when shopping. I am never disappointed.

  24. It is hard to get everyone to eat at the table but it is well worth the trouble.

  25. Great pics!!! Definitely a great way to connect at least once a day! Otherwise time just flies!

  26. I absolutely love sitting down to dinner each night with my family! I adore your photos, so cute and funny!

  27. I totally agree. I was raised eating every night as a family and I am raising my kids the same way. It is a great way to reconnect and just enjoy each other

  28. Thanks for sharing, we always have dinner as a family every night, no matter what. It’s SOOOO important to do that and stay connected with your family.

  29. I grew up with family dinners. It’s just what you did. Everyone ate dinner together at the table….at the same time. It wasn’t until I got to College that i realized that it is actually a lot less common than I thought. having family dinner every night brought us closer together. It let us all have family time every day. A great time we can all converse and talk and share what is happening in our lives. Built relationships. And yes; learn manners!
    So we do the same with our family. It is important to us that we all eat dinner together around the table.

  30. I have always loved Barilla pasta. Pasta dishes are one thing I know the family will all want to gather around the table for.

  31. Amy Desrosiers says

    I love eating dinner as a family because we talk about our days, laugh, and feel a great sense of togetherness.

  32. So many great points! Love the photos.
    We try and eat together every night so we reconnect and keep up with everything that is happening.

  33. I never realized that Barilla noodles were not round before. They are kind of star shaped! That is cool. 🙂

  34. Kristin Wheeler (@MamaLuvsBooks) says

    I love family dinner time at the table together!

  35. Liza @ Views From the 'Ville says

    Growing up, we all ate together as a family at the table (unless someone had practice). Both my husband and I feel strongly about doing the same with Bubbles; it’s a great time to bond, talk, discuss manners, and learn how to be social (no phones!).

  36. We always eat together as a family, but there’s only two of us, so it’s not difficult.

  37. Family meals are so important often we can get busy and not make it a prority but in our family we make it happen!

  38. I agree 100 percent with your lovely article. We need to continue to keep this a part of each day.

  39. Kelly O'M says

    I agree, a sit-down at the table family dinner is essential to a well functioning family. It allows to shut off all the “noise” in the world and focus on family.

  40. I like this topic thank you !

  41. I love family dinner.In my younger age every night we have a family dinner.Thanks for remembering those days.

  42. We alway eat together. It’s the only time we have a chance to sit down at talk about the day.

  43. Family dinner is SO important! I recently read an article from a doctor who studied suicide. One of the similarities he noticed amongst those that committed suicide was that the families they came from spent very little time together, such as eating separately and family members spending their time at home in their bedrooms mainly. It was surprising to me but makes sense. We all need to feel like we are a part of something bigger than ourselves, and that starts with your family.

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