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25 Delicioso Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

  Mexican food is my all-time favorite comfort food. It is also a panacea of sorts for whatever has you down.  It is hard to be depressed in a festive Mexican restaurant. No matter what your ancestral heritage, Cinco de Mayo presents you with a perfect excuse to enjoy a robust and satisfying Mexican meal. I searched the […]

It’s All About Me? Self-Centered Kids

I am not a big fan of attitude tees or of teaching kids to have attitudes in general. I do not think it is cute or funny. There are a few sayings that really get under my skin and the number one offender is It’s all about me (IAAM). When I see a little girl in a […]

Twelve Things You Should Be Making From Scratch

  The more time I spend as a wife and mother who is trying to watch out for the health of my family, the more meals I make from scratch. My mom made most of her meals from scratch when I was a child and I grew up spoiled by her Southern-style cooking skills. My mom is actually English, but her mother-in-law was a Southern cook who […]

Spring Cash Bash Giveaway ($310, 4/29)

Welcome to Spring! A lot of people are pretty excited when this season rolls around, but to me it just means that the hot desert summer is closer. I’d better celebrate while I still can!  How about giving away a fabulous prize? This giveaway is brought to you by Kara’s Deals and Steals and dozens of amazing bloggers who […]

My New Fitness Addiction – Indoor Cycle (Spinning)

After I got hurt running, I vowed to run again someday. I knew that this time, my exercise routine would have to include cross-training. Everyone, including my physical therapist, kept telling me that cycling is the perfect cross-training activity for a runner. I also kept hearing my sister-in-law Wonder Woman, I mean Holly, talk about her amazing spinning classes and how much they rocked. So when I saw that my […]

The Croods Movie Review

From the first time my family saw a preview for the movie The Croods, my kiddos wanted to see it. I, however, was not interested. I am not into the whole caveman dynamic, in fact I find it quite annoying. But when the opportunity to see this movie at an early screening came up, I decided to take the kiddos to […]

Vonny Bags Giveaway

I’m teaming up with Around My Family Table and some other great bloggers to bring you this fabulous giveaway from Vonny Bags. Vonny launched her line of carriers and totes in 2009.  Her line includes beautiful pie carriers, egg carriers, casserole carriers, and several tote bags.  All are made with a durable (and washable) laminate canvas that is […]

Five Things I Learned From St. Patrick

I have recently been reading about Saint Patrick and have been reminded of how amazing he was. As a teenager he was kidnapped and held in slavery for years. He escaped while he was in his early twenties and made it home, but that was only the beginning of St. Patrick’s story. What happened next changed the […]

Passing On Your Family’s Story or Why You Should Journal

“The beauty of being a sister is that when you connect with the people you grew up with, you can go back and be a kid again. You can laugh and giggle and just be crazy. You don’t have to be a dignified, responsible person because a sister knows who you really are.” – Helen Landrum, Fluffy, Funny, and […]

Celebrate Pi Day With Marie Callender’s (and a Giveaway)

March 14 is Pi Day, and no, I didn’t spell that wrong. We celebrated National Pie Day back in January but this Thursday is the day to celebrate pi, otherwise known as 3.14159265359… So while pi does not equal pie, heck, do we really need an excuse to eat pie? Of course not! We recently […]

Da Vinci – The Genius, Traveling Exhibition

There are only a handful of people in the history of mankind who were masters of art, science, engineering, and music. We celebrate those who are gifted in any one of these disciplines, but sometimes a person is able to master several of these areas of wisdom. Leonardo Da Vinci was such a person and […]

Our Military Kids and NASCAR, Supporting Military Kids

I recently got this wonderful story sent to me and I wanted to share it with my readers. As an Army Wife this story was particularly touching and I certainly understand what kiddos go through when mommy or daddy is deployed. Check out this touching story. Last Thursday evening, before his race in the Talking Stick Resort 60 at the Phoenix International […]