Pie Face Showdown

Pie Face Showdown

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Sibling rivalry can be such a difficult minefield to navigate. I honestly believed that because my children were four years apart, they would never fight because of the age difference. I was 100 percent wrong. My kiddos can be highly competitive and the squabbles can be highly draining. However, these kids of mine love each other deeply and can get along in a way that makes me proud. Because of this dynamic, I knew I had to try out Hasbro’s Pie Face Showdown.

This new game is one of the most fun experiences we have had around here in quite a while. The game is simple yet entertaining. Whipped cream is added to the hand lever and both sides press their button as quickly as they can, trying to move the lever toward their opponent. The game is won when the lever hits the other player in the face with the whipped cream. The kids had a fun time and I could barely contain myself from a laughing fit after watching the faces they were making throughout their matches. The whipped cream in the face did not dull its recipient’s sense of fun, and the two played multiple rounds over and over again. Check out two of their matches in the video below.

Can’t you see this game stealing the show at your next family game night? Pie Face Showdown is a new spin on the hit game Pie Face that sold out all over the place last year. Parents will love watching their kiddos battle it out and will also love the fact that the game’s rounds are short (with the potential for hilarity) and clean-up is easy.

This new game will add so much fun to your family gatherings this holiday season. Just imagine Thanksgiving Pie Face Showdown challenges. I cannot wait!


Pie Face Showdown will be available on October 1, 2016 at the Hasbro Toy Shop and at other retailers. It is priced under $25 and should definitely be added to your family’s game night list.

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