Jumanji: The Next Level

Jumanji: The Next Level

Jumanji: The Next Level takes us back into the game we all love and fear (but secretly want to experience). Keep reading to find out if the movie is worth seeing, how it compares to the previous movie, and if it is okay for the kids to see.

Jumanji: The Next LevelWhen Jumanji: The Next Level begins, the high school kids we met in the previous movie have graduated and moved on to post-high school life. Some are fairing better than others, and Spencer seems to be having a difficult time. In a moment of weakness, he wonders if he would feel better if he could become Dr. Smolder Bravestone again. That decision leads to an even bigger Jumanji adventure than the group’s first.

Jumanji: The Next Level takes us back into the land of Jumanji, but this time we see deserts, snowy mountains, magical waters, and the jungle. We also get new characters played by Danny Devito, Danny Glover, and Awkwafina. These additions lead to so many laughs. Seeing the Rock and Awkwafina channel Danny Devito was simply hilarious.

From a family perspective, there are both positive and negative elements to discuss. On the negative side, this movie has a lot of language for a family movie. It is pretty comparable to the previous Jumanji movie in that vein. However, the language is really unnecessary. Because of the language, I would not recommend the movie for elementary school children. Yes, they have heard it all before, but that does not mean we have to keep exposing children to bad language. Each family can decide for themselves, so here is the language count so you can make your decisions. Over a dozen misuses of God’s name (over half of which are paired with “damn”), at least two uses of the s-word, and many other profanities including a-s, b-astard, h-ll, and others. Also, there is a scene involving mandrills that might be scary for younger kids.

Despite the language, Jumanji: The Next Level has some positive elements. First, it shines light on the false front of social media and how it can make people feel isolated. At one point, one character says, “When you’re scared and insecure, that’s when you need your people the most.” That is such an import message for today’s youth to hear. Also, early on on the movie, Danny Devito tells a struggling character that the teen/early adult years should be “the best years of your life.” I have always hated when people tell kids this garbage. It is like they completely forgot what this time in life is like. It can be hard, confusing, and scary. Sure, it is full of promise, but it is not the best years of life. Man, who wants to think they peaked in high school? However, this advice comes full circle by the end when Devito’s character realizes that “getting old is a gift.”

Jumanji: The Next Level

Overall, I enjoyed Jumanji: The Next Level. It a fun and adventurous movie despite its flaws. Your age 12+ kids will love it. Be sure to stay through the start of the credits for a fun scene.

Rating: Rated PG-13 for adventure action, suggestive content, and some language.

Scene after the Credits: No. But there is a scene early in the credits that you cannot miss!

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Disclaimer: I attended a media screening of this movie.

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