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Mott’s Medleys Fruit Snack Review

We eat a lot of fruit around here and I am not too inclined to buy fruit snacks. My kiddos just love them, so I do sometimes buy a box here and there. My main objection to them is that fruit snacks are usually full of artificial garbage, especially dyes. We avoid food dye most of the time so I was interested when […]

Tea Forte Iced Tea Brewing Pitcher

June is National Iced Tea Month which gives me one more reason to love June. Whether served hot or cold, tea is my favorite beverage. Iced tea is my summer drink of choice, however, I can never seem to brew the perfect glass – until now.  I recently fell in love with the Iced Tea […]

Gevalia Kaffe Review

Coffee seems to be a way of life lately. It seems like there is a coffee shop on every corner. I do not usually drink coffee, but since I gave tea up for Lent I have been drinking coffee from time to time. I have tried the coffees from a few chain stores and most of it tastes bitter to me. […]

Taste Test: Nutella vs. Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

Like most of you, we love Nutella in this family. It is marketed as a healthy choice but it does have sugar as the first ingredient and palm oil as the second. I love that it has hazelnuts, real cocoa, and skim milk but while I wouldn’t call it junk food, I certainly wouldn’t call it healthy either.  I saw Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter […]

Sidral Mundet: Mexican Apple Soda

I was recently sent two bottles of Sidral Mundet, an apple-flavored, authentic Mexican soft drink made with 100% real sugar. I received a bottle of each flavor – Original and Manzana Verde (Green Apple). We prefer Mexican soda around here because it contains real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. We were excited to try out the soda […]

Fresh – A Movie About Food That Gives You Hope

Wendy with Around My Family Table recently invited me to attend a home screening of a documentary film called Fresh. As I have never had the opportunity to preview and review a film I agreed immediately. Fresh is a film intended for anyone who cares about what they eat in any way. It details the […]