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Cub Scouts Popcorn and Troop Donations

My son is a very proud Cub Scout. Every year the Scouts sell popcorn to raise money for all of their fun-filled and educational activities. The popcorn sales are very beneficial to the Pack because 70% of all sales go back to the Pack. You can help by clicking here (my son’s sales for his Pack) to buy popcorn or by supporting your […]

VetTix: A Great Service for Veterans

We are a military family so we know firsthand what sacrifice means. Chances are, with the current global situation, you probably know a veteran or military service member, or are one yourself. There are many wonderful programs designed to help vets today. One of my favorites is Veteran Tickets Foundation, a national non-profit, non-governmental 501c(3) […]

Memorial Day – Not Just for BBQs

Memorial Day is often referred to as the unofficial first day of summer. Like anyone else, I love backyard barbeques, swimming with the family, and camping trips on Memorial Day weekend. However, as a military family, we also take time to remember what Memorial Day is really about. It is not about summer, it is […]