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It’s All About Me? Self-Centered Kids

I am not a big fan of attitude tees or of teaching kids to have attitudes in general. I do not think it is cute or funny. There are a few sayings that really get under my skin and the number one offender is It’s all about me (IAAM). When I see a little girl in a […]

Five Things I Learned From St. Patrick

I have recently been reading about Saint Patrick and have been reminded of how amazing he was. As a teenager he was kidnapped and held in slavery for years. He escaped while he was in his early twenties and made it home, but that was only the beginning of St. Patrick’s story. What happened next changed the […]

Passing On Your Family’s Story or Why You Should Journal

“The beauty of being a sister is that when you connect with the people you grew up with, you can go back and be a kid again. You can laugh and giggle and just be crazy. You don’t have to be a dignified, responsible person because a sister knows who you really are.” – Helen Landrum, Fluffy, Funny, and […]

Da Vinci – The Genius, Traveling Exhibition

There are only a handful of people in the history of mankind who were masters of art, science, engineering, and music. We celebrate those who are gifted in any one of these disciplines, but sometimes a person is able to master several of these areas of wisdom. Leonardo Da Vinci was such a person and […]

Our Military Kids and NASCAR, Supporting Military Kids

I recently got this wonderful story sent to me and I wanted to share it with my readers. As an Army Wife this story was particularly touching and I certainly understand what kiddos go through when mommy or daddy is deployed. Check out this touching story. Last Thursday evening, before his race in the Talking Stick Resort 60 at the Phoenix International […]

Mommy, Why Do Girls Wear Makeup?

The other day my son came into the bathroom while I was applying my mascara. He looked up at me with his big blue eyes and asked me “Mommy, why do you wear makeup?” I tried to brush him off with a comment about trying to look my best, but he was looking for a […]

Appreciating Your Daughter

I always pictured my life as a mom of a little girl as one filled with, well, sugar and spice and everything nice. I never envisioned the drama a little girl can bring.  I never knew that a girl as young as two years old could have a total meltdown over mismatched clothes and fashion preferences. Like a lot of moms out […]

How To Support Your Friends During Deployment

Chances are that somebody you know has been affected by a military deployment. My own family has been through about a half dozen deployments both inside of and outside of the United States, and if you include our extended family that number more than doubles. Friends of a deployed soldier or military spouse often have no idea how to be supportive and sometimes do […]

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

One of my favorite Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes is “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’” Sometimes I get discouraged when I see how many people I know who never serve or help anyone.  They just go day to day looking out for themselves and spending their free time and discretionary funds on their own […]

My New Year’s NOT Resolutions

How are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? If you are like most people they won’t last…but I am rooting for you! Since my New Year’s resolutions almost never stick, I figured I would make some New Year’s NOT resolutions for 2013.  I will try really hard to do or not do the following things in 2013, I promise. Stop weighing myself everyday (seriously, […]

There’s a Shark In My Living Room

Not too long ago a shark arrived in my driveway. Maybe you remember the story, but if you have never heard it, here is a quick summary to catch you up. My dear husband went deep sea fishing with his uncle and while fishing, he reeled in a 10 foot long thresher shark. The rules said that the […]

Kenmore Blogger Summit 2012, Where I Found My Inner Cook

This fall I was invited to attend the Kenmore Blogger Summit  in Chicago. I had a friend who had attended in the past and I knew that the summit involved cooking competitions and quite frankly, that scared me. I think of myself as an average cook with only a few tricks up my sleeve and I was worried about being outed as […]