Patriotic Flag Pin Craft in Honor of #USOCarePacks

Patriotic Flag Pin Craft in Honor of #USOCarePacks

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Patriotic Flag Pin Craft in Honor of #USOCarePacks

There are many opportunities throughout the year for the community to show its love and appreciation for the troops. We are directly and indirectly reminded of their sacrifices on Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Veteran’s Day, and several other patriotic-themed holidays. Those of us directly connected to the military by enlistment, commission, marriage, family, or friendship cannot help but remember these sacrifices daily. In my family, one the most significant sacrifices is the time my children and husband have lost with each other. Deployments and training missions have often kept our little family apart. However, the love and support from the community and organizations like the USO, have made a world of difference.

The USO is a source of strength for America’s military service members. They work to keep them connected to family, home and country while they are serving this nation. This summer, Coca-Cola™ and Sam’s Club are helping connect members with the USO to provide care packages from home to soldiers who are overseas. Every time Sam’s Club members buy Coca-Cola this summer, they will be helping to show love and support by providing care packages to overseas soldiers. Sam’s Club members and non-members can also join Coca-Cola by donating online to send care packages. Head to Sam’s Club and look for the USO packaged 35 count Coca-Cola Classic cans and the new 30 count Mini Coca-Cola Classic cans.

Patriotic Flag Pin Craft in Honor of #USOCarePacks

This July 4th, my family will be celebrating our freedom, honoring our troops, and having a lot of fun. One of our activities will be making patriotic flag pins from plastic brick toys. These pins are so easy and each person can make them to fit their own size and design preferences. If you have kids in your home, you might even have all the bricks you need to make several of these. No glue is needed since the bricks are pretty tight fitting.

Patriotic Flag Pin Craft in Honor of #USOCarePacks

Patriotic Flag Pin Craft

What you need:

  • Plastic brick toys. Preference will dictate which sizes, but I used (per pin):
    • 3 red 1 x 6 plates
    • 2 white 1 x 6 plates
    • 2 red 1 x 4 plates
    • 2 white 1 x 4 plates
    • 1 blue 1 x 2 plate
    • 1 blue 1 x 2 brick
  • Adhesive pin backs. Get a few sizes to allow for variety of design.

Directions (step-by-step pictures below)

  1. Place a red 1 x 6 plate as your bottom stripe. Add a white 1 x 6 plate to the top of the red plate. Repeat with the remaining red and white 1 x 6 plates.
  2. Place a white 1 x 4 plate on the top red 1 x 6 plate, leaving 2 studs open. Add the remaining 1 x 4 plates, alternating red and white.
  3. Snap the two blue pieces together and place them on the two open studs of the top 1 x 6 plate.
  4. Lay the flag you have just assembled so the blue is in the top right-hand corner. Place the adhesive pin on the back of the flag.

Patriotic Flag Pin Craft in Honor of #USOCarePacks

These pins are a fun idea for your Independence Day gatherings, summer birthday parties, and even family picnics and camping trips. They are easy, affordable, and patriotic. They look great, too.

Patriotic Flag Pin Craft in Honor of #USOCarePacksThe USO is working with Coca-Cola to do big things. They hope to donate 3000-5000 USO packages to military members serving overseas. Be sure to take part in this worthy effort and show the troops how much you care.

Patriotic Flag Pin Craft in Honor of #USOCarePacks

You will find the #USOCarePacks in the Sam’s Club soda aisles. Be sure to pick some up for your summer beverage needs and support the USO and your troops!

Patriotic Flag Pin Craft in Honor of #USOCarePacks

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Find ways to help friends who are experiencing deployment here.

Easy Flag Pin Craft

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  1. http://Debra%20Wagner says

    I’ve always loved the Uso everything they stood for and everything they did for our soldiers all around the world I’m going to head right on over to the Sam’s Club to the pop Department to check this out. I love everything patriotic and this certainly is thanks for sharing and giving us this great idea

  2. http://Pamela says

    Wow! Coca-Cola is awesome and so is USO!!! I will defiantly be buying a pin to help. Thanks for everything you all do!

  3. http://Rachel says

    Wow, that is cool!! It’s always awesome when big companies help to support USO! The care packages are an amazing gift! Love your patriotic pin idea! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Thank you for your families service and sacrifice!! I love that the companies are teaming up and doing this 🙂 And I love your flag pin! Such a great idea!

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