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Patriotic Desserts for Independence Day

I love Independence Day. It is one of my favorite holidays because it means so much to me as an American. I love the red, white, and blue that dominates this time of year and I love summer gatherings. I have found that the easiest way to dress up your July 4th meals and gatherings […]

Vegan Pudding Pops: Unbelievably Delicious!

I love homemade pudding. It easily makes my top five desserts, so in this summer heat I wondered if I could make my recipe into a pudding pop and keep all the rich and creamy flavor. Guess what?  I can and I did (and dairy-free no less!).  My friend Wendy is deathly allergic to dairy so […]

25 Holiday Desserts

I am currently in the middle of a sugar fast so posting this list of scrumptious holiday desserts is an exercise in temptation. The holiday season is one time of the year that I do indulge, however, this year I am going to try to make better choices. For instance, instead of eating every dessert […]