St. Patrick's Day - Ideas for family activities

St. Patrick’s Day

One of my favorite things about St. Patrick’s Day as a child was waiting to see what my mom would dye green.  Sometimes we’d get to school and find our lunches included green bread.  Other times it might have been a green cookie. St. Patrick’s Day was not a very significant holiday in my family, but it was always fun even though the only consistent St. Patrick’s Day tradition we kept was pinching those who were not wearing green. Ouch!

St. Patrick's Day


One tradition I try to keep with my children is teaching them the meaning behind the holidays we celebrate.  I find that many children I encounter simply know holidays as the days they get candy, have a party, or get gifts.  Context is big around my house. This year we visited our local library and checked out St. Patrick’s Day by Gail Gibbons. The book details the history of St. Patrick’s Day and describes various traditions and myths surrounding the day.  It was fun to read and my children really enjoyed it.

St Patrick's Day


My son loves art and he usually wants to draw or color something after he learns about it.  He decided to draw a shamrock and he recounted the story about St. Patrick using the shamrock to teach the people of Ireland about the Trinity (the validity of that story is debated). Of course, we had to finish off our lesson with some green cookies and milk (just add the green food dye of your choice).

  St Patrick's Day

What does your family do for St. Patrick’s Day?  Feel free to leave a comment. Share and let’s talk about it.


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  1. We love sharing the true meaning of the holidays with our kids too! I will have to look into that book!

    Around My Family Table

  2. Aunite Pam says

    I remember the things that mom dyed green!! She was awesome. I see your keeping the green dye a tradition with your cookies. I hope your having a blast, and I love your blog because I get to keep up with what is going on where ever I may be. Love and miss you all a lot. Call me a.s.a.p. I want to know all about Cali.

  3. Wendy, I think you will like the book.

    Pamela, I try to avoid food dyes when I can, but I do have to make an exception when certain holidays come around…I use the cheap food dye most people (and mom) use. But maybe someday I will spend the money for the natural stuff. 😉

  4. Hey Janice I loved your great article on St. Patrick’s Day. Just killing some in between class time on Digg and I found your article.


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