How to Steam a Pumpkin (Never Buy Canned Again!)

How to Steam a Pumpkin (Never Buy Canned Again!)

How to Steam a Pumpkin - never buy canned again!I start planning out my fall comfort foods as soon as September hits. Even though Arizona Septembers still bring 100 degree days, I eagerly dig out my pumpkin pie recipe and start searching the stores for pumpkins for carving, cooking, and even painting. The very first fall activity we do in my home is to steam a large pumpkin so that we will have fresh pumpkin to use in our pies, pumpkin bread, and other fall goodies. What a glorious smell that makes! If you have never prepared your own pumpkin then let this be your first year. It is significantly cheaper than buying canned pumpkin, it tastes so much better, and it is very simple. Check out these easy steps explaining how to steam a pumpkin and never buy canned again.

How to Steam a Pumpkin

How to Steam a Pumpkin

Begin by washing and drying the pumpkin.

Cut and remove the stem area.

Quarter the pumpkin and remove the seeds and pulp from inside of the pumpkin. This is easy to do with your hand or a spoon.

Cut the pumpkin into large chunks but leave the skin on.

Leave the skin on

Prepare your steamer basket/pot as usual. I have one a lot like this. Make sure there is plenty of water in the pot but remember it is best if your pumpkin is not sitting in water.

Place your pumpkin into the steamer pot.

Place the lid on tightly and steam for about 15 minutes. I steam by placing the pot at medium-high heat until the lid starts to rattle a little.  Then I reduce the heat to medium for the duration of the steaming time. Steam should be sneaking out from under the lid or it is not hot enough.

Check for doneness after 15 minutes. Pumpkin is fully steamed when a fork can easily pierce through the skin.

How to Steam a Pumpkin (Never Buy Canned Again!)When the pumpkin is fully steamed, remove it from the heat and let it cool completely. To keep the pumpkin from getting watery, I sometimes remove the steamer basket from the pot for cooling. BE CAREFUL…steamers and steamed foods are very hot.

When the pumpkin is cooled down, remove the skin from the pumpkin.  It will peel easily with your fingers, but I find it more efficient with a large spoon. Watch for specks of peel that might try to stay with the pumpkin.

How to Steam a Pumpkin (Never Buy Canned Again!)Place the now peeled pumpkin pieces in a large bowl and mash using a spoon or masher.  I do not blend the pumpkin until I am using it and only if necessary (like in a pumpkin pie).

Once the pumpkin is mashed, I measure it into two cup portions and freeze it for later use.

How to Steam a Pumpkin (Never Buy Canned Again!)

See.  I told you it was easy! The medium-sized pumpkin in the first picture of this post produced 19 cups of steamed pumpkin, the equivalent of about 9-10 cans. I hope you will try to make your own pumpkin instead of buying canned this year.

Have you prepared your own pumpkin? What is your favorite pumpkin dish?

How to Steam a Pumpkin (Never Buy Canned Again!)

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  1. Debra Wagner says

    Growing up I was the only person in the family that didnt like pumpkin pie.! However that did not stop me from making them for my family since i first married in 1975. I still do not like pumpkin pie, however i do like other a few other deserts that have pumpkin in them. I am willing to try (for my family) to steam my own pumpkin…cuz it has to be better!

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  4. I didn’t want to spend the time peeling pumpkin. Thanks for posting this method.


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