Motherhood is Sweet

Motherhood is Sweet

Motherhood is Sweet

There really is no way to describe the love you can have for your children. Being a mom truly changes your life. In so many ways, motherhood makes your life harder, but there is a sweetness to it that eclipses the struggles. Deciding to become a mother is risky. It means you might have to give up on some of those goals you have been trying to reach. It means that your fit body might get tested and forever changed. Becoming a mother is to risk the known for the unknown and to make yourself vulnerable in a big way.

MotherhoodSweetest Day was this past weekend on October 17. Sweetest Day was created in the Great Lakes region in 1921 by candy-maker and philanthropist Herbert Birch Kingston. Kingston and his committee handed out tens of thousands of boxes of candy to those in need or who were often overlooked and forgotten. In time, the holiday expanded to an opportunity to show love to anyone you care about such as friends and family.

A few weeks ago I was skimming through my email and I saw a note from Shari’s Berries. They were sending out their signature chocolate covered strawberries to people to add to their Sweetest Day plans. When I read about Sweetest Day, I knew I would share my berries with my children. I have two kiddos who have added more sweetness to my life than anyone else ever could. The freshly picked¬†bouquets, crayon masterpieces, butterfly kisses, and snuggles they have given me have warmed me a thousand times over. Of course, when I told them they could share these strawberries with me they gave me a dozen kisses!

Sharis Berries

My children are the sweetest part of my life. I thank God for them every day.

What is the sweetest thing in your life? How do you celebrate it?

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