Cars 3

Cars 3

The Cars franchise has grown tremendously since the first movie raced onto the scene in 2006. Lightening McQueen is a household name and Cars Land is a dream destination for kids everywhere. The Cars movies appeal to racing fans and non-racing fans alike. But Cars 3 is not just another racing movie. In fact, I would say that the racing in this movie is more of a metaphor about life. Cars 3 is both a coming of age, and a coming of middle-age story. It tells the story of two cars that are trying to find their way and who get lost before they can be found.

Lightening McQueen is not at the top of the racing scene anymore. The new racing season has introduced hot new racers with better technology, more speed, and more confidence. It rattles McQueen as he tries to figure out how he fits into this new racing reality. It is a story-line that most middle-aged parents will be able to relate to: that moment in your life when you realize that your main purpose is no longer to be your best you, but rather to help those behind you find their feet. I won’t share more because there are a lot of pleasant surprises, adventures, and laughs that you should experience for yourself. I will say that this movie is a must-see family film that will give you a lot to discuss with your kiddos after. It is appropriate for all of your family members, but there is a pretty ugly crash scene that might upset some kiddos.

Rating: G.

Worth seeing in 3D? It was good in 3D but you will still enjoy it in 2D.

Scene after the credits? Yes. But also read all the signs during the credits. There are some pretty funny ones.


I attended a media screening of this movie to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

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