Five Indoor Activities for a Hot Summer Day #SweeterTogether

Five Indoor Activities for a Hot Summer Day #SweeterTogether

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Five Indoor Activities for a Hot Summer Day #SweeterTogetherAs a native Arizonan, I have something to confess; I suffer from summertime envy. When I see social media posts of people playing on sunny days, picnicking in a sunny park, and grilling in the hottest part of the day, I feel a little jealous. Sure, I can do all of those things here in Arizona, but in no time flat I feel my skin igniting and before I know it, my body is the same color of red as my hair. It’s no fun to turn to dust. That is why I am sharing these five ideas for indoor fun, in case you want to hang out with your friends, but think it is too hot to go outside.

These cool ideas are brought to you by DREYER’S Ice Cream who encourages you to celebrate togetherness and be #SweeterTogether. DREYER’s has several new mouthwatering candy inspired flavors that will help make your summer a little cooler. Two of my favorite new flavors are DREYER’S Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream and DREYER’S BabyRuth Ice Cream. Yum!

Five Indoor Activities for a Hot Summer Day #SweeterTogether

Five Indoor Activities for a Hot Summer Day

Movie Screening

Everyone enjoys watching movies, so why save movies for nighttime gatherings? Invite your friends over to watch your favorite summer movies or even the movies you enjoyed while you were growing up. Pick a movie or consult with your friends to see what they would like to watch. Keep the movie summer themed and serve yummy treats like DREYER’S Ice Cream.

Game Time

There are more board games on the market now than you could ever dream of playing. Find an old favorite, or a new love, and get ready to win (or lose). I suggest finding games that can be played in teams or games that take some time. The games chosen should be appropriate to the ages of the people you are having over so everyone can play. Have fun!

Indoor Picnic

Just because it is hot outside doesn’t mean you cannot have a picnic. Cover your dining table with a fun picnic or summer themed tablecloth, or spread some blankets on the floor. Serve the same foods you would serve at an outdoor picnic and relax and chat with your friends and family. One added bonus to the indoor picnic is that you can serve DREYER’S Ice Cream.

Family Book Club

Book clubs used to be a common activity but it seems to be a dying trend. I think part of the reason for that is people are over-scheduled and avoid committing to activities long term. A summer book club with a short reading list would be so much fun. A lot of moms do not participate in book clubs because they usually have kiddos in tow. However, a family book club allows parents and children to participate together. Here is a list of books that would be perfect for a family-friendly book club. Click on the image below or here to download the list. Invite family and friends to participate and meet monthly, or however often fits your group.

Five Indoor Activities for a Hot Summer Day #SweeterTogetherIce Cream Party

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Who can resist an ice cream party? Invite your friends over and try the new DREYER’S candy inspired flavors. DREYER’S ice cream is made with fresh milk & cream with no artificial colors or flavors, and no rBST (milk production hormone). Head to Walmart and pick up a variety of flavors and stay indoors with your friends and family on those hottest summer days.

Five Indoor Activities for a Hot Summer Day #SweeterTogether

However you chose to seek relief from the blistering sun, include your family and friends and celebrate togetherness.

Five Indoor Activities for a Hot Summer Day #SweeterTogether

What are your favorite family-friendly indoor activities?

Five Indoor Activities for a Hot Summer Day #SweeterTogether

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