School's In - Break Out the Fellowes Laminator (And a Giveaway)

School’s In – Break Out the Fellowes Laminator (And a Giveaway)

Fellowes Laminator #LaminateIt

Back when I was a teacher my favorite part of the copy room was the massive laminator it housed. I found myself drawn to it. I made massive laminated posters and flash cards and whatever else I could think of. So when I was contacted by The Motherhood about reviewing the Fellowes Laminator I was not sure I should do it.  Oh trust me, I wanted to, but what if I got carried away and started laminating everything in site?  I wondered if I could really trust myself with a laminator in my house. But the desire to wrap heated plastic around paper items won and I told The Motherhood to go ahead and ship me the laminator (and I am so glad I did!).

I am no longer employed as a teacher but I am constantly teaching my kids at home as part of our day-to-day life. Once I knew the laminator was coming I started brainstorming creative and practical ways to use it. I already own stacks and stacks of flash cards so I had to think of other ideas. Before I share those ideas with you, let me tell you a little bit about the Fellowes Saturn2 95 Laminator.

Fellowes Saturn2 95 Laminator is a great tool for back-to-school because it helps preserve important documents like schedules, calendars, flash cards, charts, certificates, classroom decorations and whatever else you want to protect. One thing I really love about this laminator is its HeatGuard™ Technology which has double-walled insulation to keep heat inside so the laminator is safe for home use. In addition, the Fellowes Saturn2 95 Laminator is capable of cold lamination which allows you to laminate heat sensitive items. Using this laminator is so very easy. Simply place the item being laminated into a laminating sleeve and send it through the laminator.

Fellowes Laminator #LaminateIt

I was able to find a ton of fun and useful free printables over at the Fellowes Idea Center. Some of my favorites include a map of the seven continents, a multiplication chart, a US map, and a fantastic angles chart. These are all prime laminating targets because they are items that a child would have to practice and study more than once. By laminating these pages they can be written on with wet or dry erase markers and wiped clean again.

Fellowes Laminator #LaminateIt

In my family, going back to school also means getting back into scouting. I am my son’s Den Leader and the boys are trying to memorize a few things right now so I used my laminator to make our study note cards more durable and pocket proof.  And since I am not my daughter’s leader, I laminated her troop calendar so that I can keep up with what is going on without trashing the calendar.

Fellowes Laminator #LaminateIt

The laminating fun does not have to end with school items.  Why not laminate a few of your kiddos’ creations or copies of your precious photographs?

Fellowes Laminator #LaminateIt

Imagine the fun you could have with your very own laminator! You will have a chance to win just a few sentences down. But first I want to share with you a special contest from Fellowes. From July 15 through September 30, Fellowes wants to help you recognize a special teacher in your community. With the “Celebration of Superstar Teachers” contest, you can nominate an exceptional teacher on Facebook and they could win a Fellowes classroom prize pack including a laminator!

Also, be sure to check out my #LaminateIt back to school Pinterest board.

Enter to win a Fellowes Saturn2 95 (ARV $159.99) using the Rafflecopter form below.

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I received product to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions are 100% my own!

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  1. I would laminate everything in sight if I won! I would probably use it for my crafts and for preschool stuff for my son. Thanks for the giveaway

  2. http://Jema says

    I’d pretty much laminate everything. And anything I didn’t laminate, my 13 & 14yo’s would.

  3. We are just putting together our year curriculum. I have a laminator on my list. We would laminate all her handwriting sheets, calendar and so much more. Great giveaway Janice!

  4. http://Krissie%20M says

    One of the first things I would laminate, or at least want to laminate, is our first child’s birth certificate in a few months. lol Otherwise it would be pictures that I take then print out. 🙂

  5. I remember walking into the teacher’s workroom for the first time and salivating over the laminator. What wouldn’t I laminate?

  6. http://Cheryl says

    We do a lot of work with kids at church so we will be laminating lots of things to do with them.

  7. http://Janet%20W. says

    I would laminate sight word cards for my grandson!

  8. http://Janet%20W. says

    Commented on non-giveaway post as Janet W.

  9. http://Karen%20Lynn says

    Everything especially crafts that we do and pictures.

  10. http://Stephanie%20Phelps says

    I would love to laminate the kids are work and my recipe cards!

  11. http://Margaret%20Smith says

    I’d laminate my kids achievement charts and artwork. I’d also laminate special cards that my kids like to make.

  12. http://nickie says

    I’d like to laminate flash cards.

  13. http://Serena%20Powell says

    I would laminate some of my pictures to preserve them.

  14. http://Carol says

    I’d like to laminate flash cards.

  15. http://Ann%20Fantom says

    I would like to laminate my daughter’s flash cards.

  16. http://Debra%20Wagner says

    I would laminate my medical terminology flash cards i made on index paper

  17. http://Emily%20R. says

    I would laminate flashcards.

  18. http://Deci%20MacKinnon says

    “Beware of Dog” sign for my backyard.

  19. http://Denise%20B. says

    I would laminate our local restaurant menus.

  20. http://Mary%20Casper says

    my marriage license and birth certificate

  21. http://angie says

    Use it for school projects

  22. http://rich%20morris says

    my kids artwork

  23. http://Monique%20Rizzo says

    Chore charts.
    Thanks for the chance.

  24. I would laminate all my very important papers first.

  25. http://Amy%20S%20D says

    I would laminate Bible verse to hang in the Sunday School rooms at church. Thanks for the review. I have a Fellowes Paper Shredder and I love it!

  26. http://Emily says

    I would laminate site words to hang around the house the help my kids learn to read.

  27. http://Kerrie%20Mayans says

    I would laminate soccer schedules and ferry schedules to keep in my car.

  28. http://Tanya%20White says

    I would make a behavior chart for my 6 year old son and laminate the awards my children receive from school.

  29. http://Danielle%20Papsis says

    I would laminate photographs, and make flash cards.

  30. http://Jacob%20LaFountaine says

    Some old financial documents

  31. http://Stephanie%20Larison says

    I’d make flash cards for my daughter.

  32. http://CHRISTY says


  33. http://Lisa%20V. says

    We would laminate our hunting and fishing licenses.

  34. http://Jennifer%20Reed says

    I would laminate my kids math flash cards to help them with math facts.

  35. http://jmael4u says

    I would laminate anything and everything. Photos, documents, signs, business cards and all kinds of other things. I could even laminate my laminations!
    Hmmm… maybe the wife and kids…???

  36. http://tina%20reynolds says

    photos school stuff of the kids crafts and more

  37. http://Jen says

    homework projects and id cards.

  38. http://Melissa%20B. says

    I would laminate a blank calendar to place on the fridge.

  39. http://Nerissa says

    Our Danish flash cards and labels

  40. http://Jill%20Myrick says

    I would laminate my childrens safety ID cards, school art work, photos and other important documents.


  41. http://friederike%20graedener says

    I work as a private tutor teacheing german and math. This would be perfect for my teaching materials and would save me a fortune if I did not have to print as much but could re-use materials

  42. I really need to make my kinder some flash cards. It’s time to get reading up in here!

  43. http://Daniel%20M says

    first thing i’d do is recipe cards

  44. http://Sheri%20Blessing says

    I would do chore charts for my kids

  45. http://john%20hutchens says

    I would laminate the kids art work, awards and certificates

  46. http://joni says

    I would laminate the newspaper articles I have saved.

  47. http://heather says

    moms recipe cards to keep them safe

  48. http://heather says

    i left comment on this food post

  49. http://Candice%20Hull says

    I would use it to make study sheets for my son and to save both my boys artwork

  50. http://Deb%20C says

    I print out channel lineups to put by my TVs because with digital, who can remember all those channels? But the prints get worn and ruined in no time. I would laminate them and many other things with the Fellowes.

  51. http://Diana%20Stanhope says

    We have so many cards that need laminated.

  52. I’d use it for my Girl Scout troop, and to make worksheets for my preschooler!

  53. http://Lois%20McLachlan says

    I volunteer at a senior center – could use the laminator to help out the seniors

  54. http://Mary%20Flattery says

    The possibilities are ENDLESS!!! Fingers crossed!!

  55. http://Julie%20Hawkins says

    I’d laminate my kids artwork

  56. http://Katie%20Contests says

    I’d laminate nametags!

  57. http://xty%20cruz says

    I would laminate some of our memorabilia

  58. http://Angela%20Ash says

    We knew a family who had tape all over their house. They used it to fix everything. It looked terrible but the funny thing is it worked. I have a feeling I’d go crazy with the laminating like they did the tape.

  59. http://Jennifer says

    I would laminate copies of the new school calendars.

  60. http://leah%20wall says

    everything!! hahaha

    I have a lot of printouts for my little one that I’d love to laminate instead of reprinting. and I’d like to do a chore chart for my older one.

  61. http://Brad%20Merrell says

    Some artwork and some documents

  62. http://Karen%20Olson says

    I could really use this with all my craft projects

  63. http://Gwendolyn%20Blunt says

    I seriously almost cried for joy when I saw this contest! I didn’t even know I could own such a awesome product. 🙂 I would laminate school work for my daughters homeschooling and use it to preserve art projects for my scrapbooking ,along with the drawings that my little girl likes to send to her Grandparents. This is so exciting, THANK YOU for the chance to win! 🙂

  64. http://Jaque%20R says

    I would laminate ID cards, kids artwork and a variety of other fun things. 🙂 Thank you.

  65. http://wendy%20wallach says

    i would laminate instructions for different household items

  66. http://kathy%20pease says

    id laminate my sons newspaper articles for basketball

  67. http://Sheryl says

    I would laminate favorite recipes and birth/wedding announcements.

  68. http://Saver%20Sara says

    I’d start with keepsakes for my kids. Firsts of things for them and their artwork.

  69. http://Virginia%20Wright says

    I would laminate my daughters artwork and some pictures that are not going to hold up much longer. I’m a server and that would be perfect to put pictures in my apron!

  70. http://Vikki%20Billings says

    I would laminate my grandsons special art work.

  71. http://Allison says

    My mom is a 2nd grade teacher and we spend tons of time laminating and cutting out things that we laminate!

  72. http://Danielle%20Samuels says

    I would laminate my cousins artwork and most of the pictures I have

  73. http://Jackee says

    Some receipts I kept from my trip, for my scrap book

  74. http://Racheal says

    I would laminate a TON of items in my classroom; flash cards, games, center activities, and so much more.

  75. http://Buddy%20Garrett says

    I would laminate our photos.

  76. http://Michelle%20Tucker says

    I’d use it to make christmas cards:)

  77. http://Jaime says

    I would laminate stuff for work

  78. http://Lisa%20Fonseca says

    I would laminate everything possible lol. I love laminating stuff. 😀

  79. http://Sand says

    I would laminate school projects.

  80. http://Christian%20Alejandro says

    It would be great for school stuff and some drawings!

  81. http://Emily%20Morelli says

    I would love to laminate homemade flashcards for my daughter.

  82. http://meme says

    My kids art work and their spelling and vocabulary lists etc.

  83. http://heather%20c says

    Little drawings the kinder has made over the years.

  84. http://vivian says

    would like to lament recipes ty.

  85. http://Casandra says

    Everything, lol. Kids awards and pictures, and then I would not have to use the peel and stick stuff!

  86. http://Pamela%20wells says

    I would laminate everything!!!!

  87. http://Jessica%20Ott says

    I would laminate everything if I won this!!! Awesome giveaway!! Thanks!!

  88. http://samantha%20s says

    I would love to laminate my kids drawings and pictures.

  89. http://Bev says

    I’d laminate awards that my children have won and their artwork.

  90. http://Debra%20Sauvageau says

    my son’s schoolawards

  91. http://Amber%20H says

    I love laminating!!!

  92. http://Jen%20s says

    I love to laminate games, my son’s pictures and word/picture labels for the house!

  93. http://christy%20colln says

    I would laminate different posters for school since I do online school at home with my son. I would also laminate different posters and learning tools for my daycare 🙂

  94. http://Amanda%20W-B says

    I would laminate all of the activities we recently purchased from Little Learning Lovies!! I went crazy getting games, flash cards, and anything else we could use for our little guy!

  95. http://laura says

    I would laminate school I can use dry erase marker on it.

  96. http://Debra%20Sauvageau says

    I wouldlaminate my son’s schoolawards

  97. http://Nena%20H. says

    First thing would be my ‘family notebook’. 🙂

  98. All sorts of cool uses! I’d first make bookmarks.

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