Danze Faucet Review and Giveaway

Danze Faucet Review and Giveaway


I admit to being a kitchen snob. I do not have a Better Homes and Gardens budget but I do like the things in my kitchen to look nice. The kitchen is one area where I believe in using only high quality products and investing some time and money on design and functionality. So when I got the opportunity to review a Danze kitchen faucet I got right on board.

I recieved the Danze Bellefleur® Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet.  My old faucet still worked but the pull-down hose dangled and the water flow was not good enough.  My husband installed the new Danze faucet without any difficulty. In fact, the installation was so easy that hubby let me help out a bit (see below). The new Danze faucet looks more regal and takes up less functional room even though it is bigger.  I also like that the control arm glides effortlessly and that the turning radius is not cumbersome. My previous faucet came with a soap dispenser which the faucet handle constantly banged into because the turning radius was so massive. I kept the old soap dispenser installed so I was pleased to see that the Danze faucet comes nowhere near it when in use.

Other impressive features of this Danze faucet include:

  • ceramic disc valves
  • aerated stream for powerful water pressure
  • quiet running hose with spring retraction
  • twist control spray
  • drip free guarantee
  • limited lifetime warranty


One feature I really like on the Danze faucet is the twist control spray head. My old faucet had a rubber button that got stuck and I would always end up with a half spray, half stream mess. Also the spray head would hang down and not retract all the way.  This Danze faucet changes from stream to spray with an easy twist. The hose slides out of the spout very easily and the spray head clicks up into place so it will not dangle.


Overall I really like this Danze faucet. It is elegant, functional, and eye-catching. I also feel confident that it will last since it has a limited lifetime guarantee.  If you would like to purchase a faucet from Danze, visit the Danze site to find a dealer near you.

Or, if you would like to win the same faucet that I got you can enter the giveaway below. One lucky winner will snag the same Danze faucet! Good luck.

Installation: so easy I helped!


Disclaimer: I received my Danze faucet in exchange for my review.  All opinions are mine.

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  1. http://Marilyn%20Wons says

    I do not like that is leaks into the sink

  2. My faucet is old and outdated looking.

  3. http://Michelle%20Kelley says

    So cool! My family would love this.

  4. http://cgentry1952 says

    I don’t find anything wrong. I would love to have one in my kitchen.

  5. http://susan%20wiener says

    mine is 30 yrs. old and it leaks a lot. Wish I could win this one. thx.

  6. http://Bonnie%20F says

    I like that water comes out of my kitchen faucet although it is only a trickle.

  7. http://Melissa%20T says

    It seriously needs to be updated!!

  8. http://Chelsea%20L says

    I love my faucet for the most part, but I hate that the spray splatters water all over!

  9. http://ELIZABETH%20C. says

    My faucet is old & not attractive !

  10. http://Alexa%20B. says

    i don’t like that it only streams and there is no hose if i need the water to spray.

  11. http://melindahawk says

    mine is old and outdated

  12. http://brandy says

    It is really outdated!

  13. http://Debra%20Wagner says

    I hate the way it looks and it is old!!

  14. http://angie says

    It sprays everywhere.

  15. http://amber says

    the drip, drip, drips…….ahhhhhh

  16. http://abfantom says

    I dislike my current faucet because it is scratched and covered in mineral scales.

  17. http://slb3334 says

    that it drips.

  18. http://Candice%20Hull says

    It leaks and is too short
    thank you

  19. http://Tari%20Lawson says

    I don’t like the fact that it often won’t stay in the stream form and switches to spray. It is so annoying.

  20. http://jjenkins1090 says

    that I need 2 hands to move the faucet form side to side

  21. http://Tarah says

    It drips and that we don’t have a hose of any sort to use.

  22. http://mogrill12 says

    It leaks and splashes all over.
    Thanks for the chance.

  23. http://linda%20lansford says

    It gets grungy

  24. http://paige%20chandler says

    I don’t like that it’s as old as the hills. 🙂

  25. http://Tim%20Stephens says

    It’s rusty at the base and it leaks… and of course it’s ugly… but it came free with the house

  26. http://Anita says

    It looks nasty!

  27. http://Sami%20Thomson says

    My current faucet doesn’t quite fit my sink right – so it shifts back and forth when it’s on – it’s very odd

  28. http://Suzanne%20K says

    where do I start? No pullout, no spray, old, starting to leak……

  29. http://anne%20hill says

    its corroded and leaks

  30. http://Mary%20Casper says

    there is nbothing I like about my current faucet

  31. http://Christine says

    old and it leaks

  32. http://Crystal says

    There’s not very much space since my faucet is so low into the sink.

  33. http://Rebecca%20Graham says

    My current faucet is ugly and out of date.

  34. http://Pamela%20Wells says

    I admit to being a kitchen snob as well. My faucet is due for an upgrade!

  35. http://chris%20z says

    mine is old

  36. http://Katie%20Rose says

    The sprayer hose (separate piece) gets snagged on the water coils underneath

  37. My faucet is so low in the sink that I can’t put big pots underneath it. Plus it’s ugly!

  38. http://melissa says

    mine is old

  39. http://Pat%20B says

    My current faucet is cheap looking and so short, and the sprayer just dribbles out water

  40. http://ginette4 says

    My faucet has no style what so ever, boring look and old looking

  41. http://Meghan%20Finley says

    I hate that it’s old fashioned and ancient

  42. http://Mommyofone%20Shanna says

    it’s outdated. I love yours !! Looks great / very modern !

  43. http://Nicole%20C. says

    I don’t like that my current faucet is old.

  44. It’s too short to get large pots under.

  45. http://rachel%20bedrock says

    it drips and its out dated

  46. http://willis%20flanagan says

    my old faucet leaks and is oudated.

  47. http://Paula%20Proffitt says

    Its very old,leaky,rusty,and just plain old UGLY!! 🙁

  48. http://ursula says

    mine leaks and is the cheapo Lowe’s standard. this one is pretty!

  49. http://Katie%20R says

    I dislike that the sprayer has a short reach

  50. http://Michelle%20Mills says

    that it is too loose

  51. http://Abby%20Kraynick says

    I DISLIKE my currant faucet because it’s leaking and needs replaced, but funds are low & thats not in my budget at the moment. I would be the HAPPIEST girl in the WORLD to win this ♥

  52. http://Mandi%20Marcus says

    My faucet is old and just doesn’t work that well.

  53. I dislike that I don’t have a sprayer and don’t have a clue how to add one. This would be perfect if I win!


  54. http://Mary%20Williams says

    I hate that it doesn’t have a sprayer!

  55. http://Cordelia says

    My faucet was never installed properly so there is a lot of mildew all over the sink area. I’m hoping to renovate soon so this would be a great help if I win!

  56. http://Fran says

    This would replace a really outdated faucet……Thanks!

  57. http://Nicole%20Balogh says

    Our faucet has terrible water pressure and has for years. We have had plumbers in several times with no luck. I would love to replace it, so that we don’t have to wait 5 minutes to fill a conatiner!

  58. http://Kathy%20Pearlman says

    I really love the Opulence™ Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Spray. My kitchen faucet is blah….

  59. http://Crystal%20B says

    Where do I start. Lol It leaks out the faucet when it is off and the on/off handle when uou have it turned on too high. Its falling apart and is unable to become clean from being so old. 🙁 I would lofe, love, love to win this giveaway!

  60. http://Heather says

    It’s an old style without a sprayer 🙁

  61. http://stephie227701 says

    The dripping drives me nuts right now on the one I have right now..

  62. http://melissa says

    I hate my faucet! It doesn’t stick out enough so when I was dishes (3x a day since we don’t have a dishwasher) it gets everywhere! and it rolls down the counter since everything in my kitchen is slanted! i have to unplug the microwave so i don’t electrocute myself lol

  63. http://Kim%20Royal says

    My current faucet is cheap, and it looks cheap. It’s also hooked up backwards…hot is right, cold is left ;\

  64. http://Kathy%20Early says

    My kitchen faucet leaks so much I can’t use it anymore.

  65. http://Christy%20George says

    It is old and ugly!

  66. http://Leslie says

    My old faucet is ugly and leaks..you always have to double check to make sure the valve is closed tightly

  67. http://Barbara%20Sands says

    My faucet has started leaking and I need this very badly. I would love it. It is so stylish with a neat and clean look.

  68. http://Christy%20Anderson says

    I dislike that our faucet doesn’t match our cabinet nobs.

  69. http://duane says

    my current faucet leaks water is is rusty brown! yuck!

  70. http://tamar says

    It gets clogged a lot.

  71. http://Nilda%20R. says

    I don’t like my current sink and faucet because it’s outdated and I accidentally spilled acid and it has black spot everywhere.

  72. http://Rosa%20Espinal says

    I can’t fill a water pitcher,that’s how short the faucet.I can’t put a filter on it,cause then it is uncomfortable to do the dishes,there’s a lot wrong with it.

  73. http://paul%20murcko says

    My old kitchen faucet is quite old and would like a stylish new one for when I replace my sink and counter top.

  74. http://MT says

    Remodeling kitchen now. Interesting to learn about features of this brand. I have three bathrooms that I need to buy faucets for as well. This would be a great start for me to have this faucet in my kitchen. Thanks.

  75. http://rust%20hawk says

    It leaks at the base and the sprayer is weak.

  76. http://kasey%20kollman says

    it drips and ist very attractive

  77. http://Julie says

    My current faucet leaks.

  78. http://Wendy says

    I hate that our current kitchen faucet is cheap and old.

  79. http://christine%20sarkauskas says

    it sprays everywhere and leaks 🙁

  80. http://chrisdeglen says

    I really dislike the sprayer on my current faucet. Even with the water on full blast, the sprayer is weak and ineffective.

  81. http://s%20riches says

    Our current kitchen faucet is beginning to show its age.

  82. http://annamarie0203 says

    Mine is really short and its hard to clean large pots and pans. I think we have the wrong size. 🙁

  83. http://Barbara%20Stenby says

    My faucet is to sort can’t get me big pots under them. plus it leaks. this is my third faucet in three years. can’t afford a good one.

  84. http://Chrystal%20J. says

    I don’t like the design of my current faucet.

  85. http://Michelle%20W says

    My cats can turn the faucet on and it makes a big mess and wastes water

  86. http://kendra%20W says

    The hose doesn’t stay in…it hangs out. 🙁

  87. http://Harold%20D says

    I dislike that it leaks.

  88. http://Daniel%20M says

    i dislike that it leaks all over the place!

  89. The lack of the sprayer is absolutely the reason we’re looking to buy a new one… after we pay the wedding off :/

  90. http://Marianna says

    I dislike that it’s old fashioned, outdated and ugly!

  91. http://Jennifer says

    My current kitchen sink leaks, is ugly and old!

  92. http://Jennifer says

    I dislike that it doesn’t turn well.

  93. http://shawna says

    Our facuet leaks and you have to turn the handle a certain way to get it to turn off.

  94. http://Aimee%20Fontenot says

    My faucet sprays sideways a bit where it’s not supposed to.

  95. http://Kim%20W says

    I don’t dislike it, I just wish it was nicer to look at

  96. http://Mary%20Cloud says

    That the finish has rubbed off and it’s in bad shape

  97. http://Jeanine says

    It always drips or leaks from the side when on full force.

  98. http://Gianna says

    It’s old and leaky.

  99. http://Jaque%20R. says

    It is too low to the sink, makes filling tall containers difficult. 🙂 Thank you.

  100. http://Tanya%20White says

    I dislike that my faucet moves when you turn it on and it leaks and is outdated.

  101. http://Beth%20Palacios says

    Mine is old and leaky.

  102. http://Brittney%20House says

    I hate that It leaks!!

  103. http://One%20Crazy%20Momma says

    It drips and the finish is wearing off

  104. http://Lynn%20R says

    I would love to win this to replace my shiny faucet that shows all the fingerprints.

  105. http://Roxann says

    My faucet leaks and is getting old.

  106. http://Kyle%20M says

    Mine leaks! It got a hole in it somehow and squirts a small stream of water out of the top!

  107. http://jamie says

    I hate that mine leaks and does not move to easily clean dishes! I do not have a dish washer and wash all my hand! I would LOVE this!!!

  108. http://cox says

    Mine leaks water at bottom and sprays in my face! I have to wear a bib to clean dishes! boo!!!

  109. http://cox says

    I dont even have a workng one! I am working on that!!!!

  110. http://Pauline%20M says

    Mine is rusting through and has these tiny little leaks on the bottom.

  111. http://Nicole says

    I actually love my faucet! I have a touch faucet from Delta, but they’re so expensive. Would love a nice one for our other kitchen, this one would be perfect!

  112. http://amy%20delong says

    drips,need new one!!

  113. http://clynsg says

    Right now, it needs some repair, since apparently the washers are pretty well shot.

  114. http://Laura says

    It’s just old! Also, we live in a trailer…and it’s the standard model that came with the trailer back in 1993. It’s small, plain, and old!

  115. It leaks a bit.

  116. http://Danielle says

    My faucet leaks out of the side of the base and drenches the counters. I do not have a sprayer and it makes it harder to wash things.

  117. http://melissa says

    Nice faucet. Would love to have it to replace my leaky one

  118. http://mary%20gardner says

    it leaks and is old

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  119. http://susan%20smoaks says

    right now our faucet works fine but it doesn’t have a sprayer and i want one!

  120. http://Dan says

    That is one nice looking sink

  121. http://Jessica%20Hays says

    That it is so ugly and outdated!

    jessicaahays at hotmail dot com

  122. http://Robert%20Pyszk says

    Our current faucet in the kitchen is very blah and plain.

  123. http://Liz%20Neal says

    It is old and outdated. Would like a faucet that has a knob that controls both the hot and cold water.

  124. http://kelly%20nicholson says

    What do you dislike the most about your current faucet?

    the leaks..help me out here..be a pal

  125. http://Linda%20Peavy says

    I don’t like that my current faucet leaks.

  126. http://Kat%20Emerick says

    It is old and leaks water.

  127. http://Brenda%20B says

    My current faucet leaks.

  128. http://kathy%20pease says

    my faucet drips and i really hate that

  129. http://Peggy%20Rydzewski says

    Ilike that the nozzle pulls out.

  130. http://Melissa%20Shirley says

    My faucet only reaches a small part of my sink so it is hard to rinse out the sink after doing dishes

  131. http://Trisha%20McKee says

    It’s ugly and drips.

  132. http://kay%20p says

    It drips all the time and its ugly.

  133. http://carol%20lewis says

    It is old and the handle is lose. It must be leaking some because I notice wetness underneath in the cabinets-so I have a bucket under. LOL This was here when we bought the home and we have so much to do we have had to put a new one on hold because of cost.

  134. http://meme says

    it leaks and has no sprayer

  135. http://Ashley says

    its outdated and leaks!

  136. http://shirley%20zolenski says

    That it is outdated

  137. http://Maureen says

    Ours the sprayer leaks all under the cabinet and onto the floors we have plastic containers under the whole sink area now Faucet looks awesome

  138. http://Margaret%20Porter says

    My current faucet leaks around the knobs

  139. http://Eileen says

    The fact that it’s 30 years old (original), is flaking off the finish, sprays all over us because the bottom of faucet needs to be fixed and the handles are loose and can’t be fixed. Other than that, it’s great! LOL!

  140. http://Cea%20Bea says

    I can’t buy replacement parts to fix it!

  141. http://Pearl%20Maxey says

    I need a sprayer!!!

  142. http://Wendy%20McBride says

    The thing I dislike most about my current faucet is that it looks corroded.

  143. http://Harmony%20B says

    My faucet is just old and yucky

  144. http://Helen says

    it leaks and the spray is not very strong

  145. http://Crystal%20Edwards says

    Leaks at the base

  146. http://Brianne%20Armstrong says

    It came with the home. It wasn’t an upgrade. That should tell you everything you need to know. LOL

  147. http://Mike%20W%20Davis says

    we don’t have a sprayer–and the head doesn’t swivle to get all corners of the sink makes it really hard to clean

  148. http://John%20Heim says

    What a lovely soap dispenser, and for a snobby kitchen faucet connoisseur, it’s not too bad either! And beautiful countertops as well.

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