Celebrate Pi Day With Marie Callender's (and a Giveaway)

Celebrate Pi Day With Marie Callender’s (and a Giveaway)

Pi Day

March 14 is Pi Day, and no, I didn’t spell that wrong. We celebrated National Pie Day back in January but this Thursday is the day to celebrate pi, otherwise known as 3.14159265359…

So while pi does not equal pie, heck, do we really need an excuse to eat pie? Of course not! We recently bought some Marie Callender’s turkey pot pies as well as a lemon meringue pie. I usually make my own pot pies but it was nice to buy one and get a little break. The individual pot pies always take me back to my childhood when my mom would let us all pick out the flavor we wanted and then we would eat them on TV trays while we watched a movie. Oh the memories.

Pi Day

I was surprised at the huge chunks of turkey in these pies. My son was gobbling them up (pun intended). And of course the crust was perfectly flaky just like every Marie Callender’s pie I have ever eaten. We made our pot pies in the microwave and they turned out great. The pies come in a special wrapper that allow them to cook in the microwave and still get that flaky and delicious taste.

After we ate our pot pies, we had the Marie Callender’s lemon meringue pie and it was fantastic. The lemon was a perfect balance of sweet and tart and the meringue was impressive. I really did not have high expectations for meringue on a frozen pie, but it was delicious.

Pi Day

The first time I remember eating meringue was at my grandma’s house in Tennessee.  She was a great cook and she loved baking for us. When we asked her how she made the meringue, she told us that she flew up to the sky in an airplane and scooped some out of a cloud. I almost believed her because it was so light and heavenly. Marie Callender’s does a pretty good meringue, too. Check out this beautiful creation. I will definitely be buying this pie again.

Pi Day

Admit it.  Now you are in the mood for pie. Why not head out and buy some today? Use this coupon for $1.50 off of one pie. Or you can enter below to win 5 coupons for free pies.

Before you go, head over to MarieCallendersMeals.com and leave a review for any product you may already have tried. Also, check out the Marie Callender’s blog.

Enter to win 5 coupons for FREE Marie Calender’s pie by leaving a comment telling me what your favorite pie is. Gain a second entry by following me on Pinterest (let me know you did this in the comments).

Giveaway ends on March 24, 2013 at midnight MST. Good luck!


Disclaimer: This post is part of my partnership with The Motherhood and Marie Callendar’s.  I am being compensated for my honest review and participation.

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    Following you on Pinterest! I have never had a Marie Calendar pie, so I can’t say which my favorite of hers is, but, there’s a local restaurant that makes the BEST Fresh Peach Pie in the summer. That’s for sure my favorite!

  7. I love the chicken pot pies and the dutch apple pie. Marie Calendars is my favorite brand 🙂

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